About Me

Deepak Patel – Travel Blogger & Digital Marketer

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” I trust in it.

I am Deepak Patel, a travel blogger, internet marketer, search engine optimizer, develop content ideas, and do more at my blog Travel N Thrill.

Deepak Patel

I started my blogging career in 2013 after working with many Digital marketing companies and international clients. I launched this blog as I love exploring Indian historical places, epic stories, tradition, culture, temples, ancient architecture, forts, undiscovered locations, and putting light on those historical treasures whose existence is in danger. And “I believe historical treasures must be saved.” If you know such places, please email me, and let’s save them together.

This blog is not my full-time job as of now because I do not make enough through it. So, it’s not always possible for me to travel and explore a destination. But besides it, I gather information through the internet, books, newspapers, friends, social media, and locals. I do all this because of my passion and love for India. I want to know more and more about our Incredible India and share it with the world.

What do I earn from this Travel Blog? Why does this blog continue?

Well! This blog keeps me alive. Through this, I receive emails from travel bloggers, people, travel companies, media, and advertising groups, not from India but across the Globe. Connecting to people and help them whom we do not know is a great experience. It makes me feel good and engages me on my blog.

Do I make money from this blog?

I currently don’t sell anything on my blog, but I am planning to start selling it. Yes, I am going to sell my knowledge at a price FREE using this blog. If my understanding helps others know more about my country, ethnicity, and culture, that will be my earning.

How many team members do I have?

This blog is managed and organized by one person only. I create content ideas and get proofreading and writing work done by others. After getting content professionally written by experts, I handle publishing to formatting content, preparing images for the post, and finding relevant keywords, tags, categories, linking, and optimization.

Hope you know enough about me now. Do you have any suggestions and queries for me?

Do let me know. I am happy to share my real blogging journey with you.

Email Id: deepakdgates@gmail.com

To run this blog, I need a lot of energy, time, and effort. It takes much to visit remote places and various cities’ outskirts to discover unknown places of mythological and historical importance. Suppose you like my actions and work and are willing to help me by paying some donation. You can also contribute to me by writing emails about such places located in your city. Having images of the same will be an added advantage to me.

I will be happy to have it, and your support will encourage me to bring engaging stories to my blog, Travel N Thrill.

For contribution my PayPal ID : deepakdgates@gmail.com.