Historical Places in India
There is lot of famous Historical Places in India. This country has been ruled by different people for more than a century. With every new ruler came new historical places. Every Kingdom tried to leave a time stamp on the calendar by attempting to build something new, something big,...

Preserving Your Travel Adventures: A Guide to Saving Memories

The memories of travel are supposed to last for a lifetime, however, how often do we overlook the small aspects that made every trip...

Five Procedures to Avoid Problems with a One-Way Ticket for Proof of Onward Travel

Are you preparing yourself to take a one-way trip around the world? Well, that is a great concept of course. If you appreciate your...
British Monuments in Mumbai

Explore Top 6 British Monuments in Mumbai 2023

Mumbai is the foremost cosmopolitan city in the country. A melting pot of different cultures and lifestyles, the city is the commercial hub and entertainment...

What Happens If I Don’t Declare a Medical Condition on My Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is complex. Indeed, the UK’s Financial Ombudsman Service - the body that deals with consumer complaints about dealings with the financial industry...
Everything To Know About Kumbh Mela

Everything To Know About Kumbh Mela 2023 At Prayag

Being known as one of the most peaceful gathering among all the Hindu spiritual events in the world, the Kumbh Mela is definitely the...
Honeymoon Places in Dubai

10 Best Romantic Honeymoon Places in Dubai in 2023

Dubai is one of the hottest attractions for a honeymoon trip. Whether it is summer or winter, you can visit lovely romantic places that...
Places to Visit in Ladakh

Top 10 Places to Visit in Ladakh in 2023

So, are you planning to visit Ladakh in 2021? As we know there is no other place like Ladakh in India. Even words can...
Hi, I am Deepak Patel, An Indian travel blogger. Like the name of my blog, I always seek for some thrilling travel experienced, especially in undiscovered places of India. My objective is to show you all the real ancient India which possess lots of historical wealth that we should know about. Whatever, I achieved through my travels, I share with my readers to let them have a better knowledge about the real, untouched natural and historical beauty of the my land India.

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