One of the most revered pilgrimage walks in Nepal is Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Thousands and thousands of religious travelers opt to go for this tedious journey to Mount Kailash to attain salvation. This religious journey takes one deep into the recesses of Himalayas.

The purpose of the journey is to make it up to the Mount Kailash, which is one of the highest mountain peaks in the Himalayas. The pilgrims also get to visit the sacred Mansarovar Lake during this journey. Moreover, the tourists get to visit some of the most holy temples and Buddhist monasteries along the way.

This Yatra has a deep and meaningful religious significance for Hindus, Jains and Buddhists. But, still one need to be prepared physically and mentally before going on this journey as the danger is very real.

The journey is amongst the most adventurous religious walks in the world. The idea of a 52 km trek up on a mountain amidst jagged and rugged landscapes, with unbearable cold climate seems almost impossible to achieve.

One needs to be supremely faithful, mentally and physically prepared and adoration for adventure, to finish the religious journey.

Religious Importance

The Hindu pilgrims believe the center of universe’s spirituality lies at Mount Kailash as it lay at Mount Meru in religious texts. Hence, those who made it to this point will get redemption from their sins.

Hindus and Jains also believe that taking a holy dip in Manasarovar Lake and circumambulation of the Lake will wash away one’s 100 years of sins.

Buddhists believe that those who can take up this journey for 108 times will achieve Nirvana- the Utopian mental state of perfect happiness.

How To Reach

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by Road: To reach Kailash Mansarovar by road, one must do an advanced pre-booking as there are only a few seats available for tourists for this itinerary. It involves a trek and bus rides through steep roads and landscapes. Devotees enjoy themselves singing devotional songs throughout whole of this road journey.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by Helicopter: For those who do not wish to do the road trek, the best itinerary for them is by opting for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by Helicopter. On this journey, tourists get an opportunity to get on board a winged chooper to enjoy an air ride from Kathmandu to Nepalganj, then later to Simikot and then finally to Hilsa. It will be a helicopter ride you will not forget. Religious travelers who opt for this itinerary mix their religious tour with adventure and sightseeing excursion as the views of the mighty Himalayas offered through the helicopter are simple amazing. During the return trip to Kathmandu also, tourists will avail the helicopter ride.

Weather Conditions

The climate and weather conditions on this journey are very unpredictable and are liable to change at any moment. The best time to travel is during the months of June to September as during these months, the days have a very warm and pleasant climate. Though, one should expect the evenings to be very chilly and excruciatingly cold.

Travel Tips

One should carry a lot of water with them.

One must also increase their stamina to finish the journey which can be done by regular running up and down the stairs, run or sprint on treadmills and even go for swimming daily.

One must be physically fit for taking this journey. Hence, one must do regular jogging, morning and evening walks, rigorous muscle exercises and also must stretch his/her arms and legs on a daily basis.

One must have a lot of strength during the journey and hence he/she should daily do weight exercises, carry heavy bags, lift weights. Regular use of gym machines must be used to increase upper and lower body strength.

One must be smart enough to carry a medical kit with them during the journey.
Lots of tourists have problems in acclimatizing with the altitude. Hence one must do yoga and meditation daily.

It is essential the person on this journey quits smoking and drinking habits at least 3-4 months before going.
One must take breaks on a regular interval while climbing the steep mountain.

Since the temperature is very cold, one must carry and wear multiple layers of clothes. One must pack many sweaters, thick jeans, several T-shirts, multiple pairs of socks, thermal woolen jackets, hats or monkey caps, scarves, rain coats and numerous pairs of thick gloves.

One should climb slowly and steadily to retain their strength and stamina for a longer duration.

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  1. Have you personally experienced or known someone who has undertaken the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra? It would be interesting to hear about their experiences and the spiritual significance they attached to this extraordinary journey.