Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest

Gujarat is promoting its tourism industry. There are many popular tourist places in Gujarat and it is the 6th largest state of India. It’s a beautiful city offers cultural, religious, wildlife tourism. So, in this blog post we have covered a topic Vijaynagar Polo Forest of Gujarat.

Travel to Polo Forest Vijaynagar of Gujarat

Few of my friends and I decided Polo Forest Vijaynagar of Gujarat. Unfortunately, we only had permission to go for a single day. And since we had such less time together, we insisted that they let us enjoy this time on our own. So we agreed to go on a one-day trip to a place near Ahmedabad. We started looking for places nearby and stumbled upon Vijayanagar Polo Forest. This seemed like a great option as we wanted to have an adventurous trip.

Overview and Daily Activities:

We’d planned to start early in the morning so that we could reach Vijayanagar Polo Forest a little early. This way, we could spend more time in the forest and also be able to head on a short trek.

How to Reach Vijaynagar Polo Forest?

To reach Vijaynagar forests from Ahmedabad, one can take the bus to Vijaynagar and from there take a jeep to the Vijaynagar forest campsite. But the frequency of the jeep is not very predictable and mostly depends on the visitors, so it’s advisable to go by your own vehicle to avoid being stranded in the forest.

We took the NH48 to Vijaynagar Forests. It was still dark and early morning roads were almost empty. The chauffeur was well trained and ensured that the drive was quite comfortable. Soon it was sunrise and we reached the Vijaynagar Forest a little past sunrise.

The Vijaynagar forest, also known as Polo forest, looked enchanting. It was almost deserted as it was a weekday. We looked around the ruins and dark trees, for somebody to help us out or guide us.

Activities Inside the Polo Forest Vijaynagar Gujarat

After a short walk, we reached the Jain Temple ruins. It looked beautiful even in its far from perfect condition. The carvings suggested that the structure was once quite beautiful.

Here we could see some tribles lurking around. Our driver called them. They came hesitantly but soon agreed to help us navigate the forest for a nominal guiding fee.

There are few temples in the Vijayanagar forest area like Shiv Mandir, Surya Mandir, Lakhena temple, Jain derasar and some smaller ones without any particular name. The Adivasi also told us there are many medicinal plants in the forest, which they use for various medicines. He even showed us some plants and gave their local names, but unfortunately forgot soon after. We climbed a hill and then went downhill to come to a stream which was a trickle right now as the monsoon wasn’t here yet.

Our local guide suggested to visit the Harnav Dam site which would take an hour of walking. After the long walk, we reached the dam and realized that we would have regretted missing this. It was beautiful with water and greenery around it. It looked like the perfect picnic spot and we decided to have the lunch that our parents had packed for us.

After lunch and short rest, we started back to the Jain monument site as the evening approached. We spent a little more time here, thanked and paid our local guide, and started the journey back to our homes.

Forest Distance from Ahmedabad Gujarat:

The distance from Ahmedabad to Vijaynagar Polo Forest is 165 km and the trip takes about 3 and a half hours. If you love the rush of going on an adventure, I would suggest that you make at least one visit to the Vijayanagar forests. The thrill of walking through dense forests and discovering historical places is quite amazing. The unchartered aspect is the drawing pull to this place for the adventure seeking tourists.

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