Stephen And Jess

Today I have a young Australian couple Stephen and Jess from Flying the Nest. Let’s start with the Introduction.

1.Tell Me About Yourselves

There are two of us at Flying the Nest and we are Stephen and Jess – a young Australian couple who enjoy going on adventure holidays and not taking life too seriously. We got bitten by the travel bug very early on in our relationship and managed to visit 13 countries and 19 cities in 4 years whilst studying full time at university. We currently live in the most isolated city in the world – Perth, Australia and can’t complain about the beautiful beaches and Mediterranean climate we get.

2.Why Is Your Blog Called Flying The Nest

When we both finished our degrees we were told the next logical step was to get a full time job, get a mortgage and begin the story of life, but we aren’t like this and decided that there is plenty of time for that and not enough time to experience the world through travel. The term ‘flying the nest’ means to leave your parents home for the first time in order to live somewhere else. So early next year we will be leaving the sunny shores of Australia and quitting our jobs to go and live on our own in the icy cold mountains of Canada.

3.Why Did You Get Started

We have this quote on our site that perfectly defines why – “we believe that some of the most important moments in history were recorded by travelers and Flying the Nest is our way to leave a stamp on this world”. We in no way think that we will record an important moment in history but we still love the idea of having an online journal that we can show our kids when we are older and use to remember the stories we have shared.

4.What Was Your Most Rewarding Trip

Towards the end of our degrees we decided that we wanted to end our studying life with a bang and ended up checking off a very expensive bucket list dream – to stay in an over water bungalow in The Maldives. We aren’t going to lie it was our most expensive holiday to date, paid by our own dime and worth every penny.

5.What Do You Post About

We enjoy writing about our personal travel experiences and our adventures around the world. We also believe photographs are a great way to capture and record moments so we pride ourselves in the images we share. We must admit though one thing we aren’t – a foodie blog.

6.Which Countries Have You Been To

Our travel journey is still quite young with a bucket list running out of space, but we are still thankful for the places we have visited. Some of our highlights include Dubai, The Maldives, The Caribbean, USA and Singapore which we put into a top 5 cities list for 2014.

7. Best Adventure You Have Had

One of the best adventures we have had would be sky diving over the Palm in Dubai. Jess is terrified of heights but still managed to do it and it was amazing. If you have ever contemplated skydiving and are too scared, do it in Dubai you won’t regret it.

8.Would You Visit India?

We most certainly would like to visit India and we even have the Holi Colour Festival in Nepal on our bucket list. There is so much culture in India and such a large country to tackle as well. Maybe one day we will drive across it in a rickshaw!

9.Travelling As A Couple

We have done 90% of our travelling together in some way, whether with family, friends or by ourselves. They always say that you should do a trip with your significant other as a test on your relationship but we just love travelling together as a way to share memories with someone.

10.Do You Have A Message For Us?

If you enjoy travel, make time for it. Will you remember those nights blacked out drunk at the club or the time you zip lined in The Caribbean? It doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby, start in your backyard then move up

Deepak Patel
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