The Happy Bandit

Today we have with us Lauren from “The Happy Bandit”. Lauren is another one from our list of travel bloggers who loves to get to new places, speak to the locals, indulge into adventures, get interesting photographs and share her travel experiences on her blog! Let’s have a chat with her and read what she has to share about blogging and traveling.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

I’m Lauren, 21 years old from the awesome New Zealand. I love to have fun and I’m almost never serious. Since I was about 5, I have been inspired to travel around the world with my camera in tow, just like my dad did when he was my age. Despite being mildly dyslexic, I set up The Happy Bandit to keep me on track with what I really want to do and not let the realities of life take over.

2. What Made You Start Blogging? And What Do You Post About?

I recently graduated with an Architecture degree and I was in desperate need of a break. Photography and traveling have always been a massive passion of mine, so starting up with a travel blog seemed perfect to me. This is when “The Happy Bandit” was born. I’m always on for adventures which keep me inspired to find new places to photograph and post about. I’ve also recently started to make videos, so Youtube is definitely something that I want to get into.

3. Which Counties Have You Been To So Far?

I have been to Canada multiple times, since I am half Canadian. I’ve mostly been on quick trips to Hawaii, Italy and Paris. However it was only after me completing my university period and backpacking around Thailand that relit my need to travel! I have got major itchy feet and can never really stay at a place for too long. It’s now time for me to move on from little NZ and make my way to Canada with my Boyfriend Morgan.

4. Where Do You Plan To Travel To After Canada?

We are in the middle of planning a three-month trip around South America. I really want to go to Machu Picchu, Rio and Mexico!

5. How Do You Like To Travel? – In Luxury Or Backpacker Style?

I prefer the budget travel life. I love backpacking and meeting backpackers. (Though I must admit, I do like to splash out at a nice hotel every now and then) For me, the most important thing about traveling is to meet locals and involve myself in their culture. I’m not the biggest fan of pre-planned tours. It’s through locals that you will always find the best places to visit.

6. How Did You Get Into Photography?

My dad has always had a camera around his neck and so it was only natural for me to also get into it. I took my first photography class when I was about 10 and it stuck. Last year, I was lucky enough to work for an awesome man, Mark (Big Mark Photography) who took me under his wing and became my mentor. I would know nothing about the technical side of cameras if it weren’t because of him.

7. Are You A Foodie?

I am by default. I love cooking and I love good food. My father was a chef so I guess it’s in my blood. I hate that I am compelled to take a photo of my meal before I eat it !

8. What Do You Think About India?

India has always, always, always been right up there on my bucket list! So many people have told me that it is one of the best places in the world to travel. I would love to do a trip to Cambodia and then slowly head towards India.

9. What Message Would You Like To Give Us?

If you want start a blog just do it! I’ve finally realized that it just doesn’t matter what people think. If you just stick to it, reward does come. Blogging and making videos are what push me to go out and go on adventures. Every day is exciting and I have an awesome place to record my experiences that I can look back on someday!

Deepak Patel
Hi, I am Deepak Patel, An Indian travel blogger. Like the name of my blog, I always seek for some thrilling travel experienced, especially in undiscovered places of India. My objective is to show you all the real ancient India which possess lots of historical wealth that we should know about. Whatever, I achieved through my travels, I share with my readers to let them have a better knowledge about the real, untouched natural and historical beauty of the my land India.