Mana Village

Mana is the last Indian village in the Himalayas on the border of India and Tibet/China. It is situated in Chamoli district. It has been designated as a “tourist village” by the government of Uttarakhand. Mana Village is one of the tourist attractions near Badrinath, just 3 km away from Badrinath town. The village is located on the banks of the Saraswati River. It is located at an altitude of 3219 meters. The village is covered by Himalayan mountain Hills.

Mana Village in Badrinath

The people living there are called Bhotias (Mongolian tribe). The inhabitants of this village live in small and beautifully furnished huts. Mana is used in woolen clothes and accessories (usually sheep wool), scarves, hats, scarves, ashan, pankhi (soft blanket made of sheep wool), rugs, etc. It is known for many things like. Mana is also known for potatoes and kidney beans.

Fictions about Mana

References to the Hindu epic Mahabharata appear in Mana. It is believed that the Pandavas passed through Mana during their journey to heaven. There is a popular bridge near the Saraswati River, known as ‘Bheem Pool’, built by Bheem (one of the five brothers of the Pandavas). It is a big rock built as a bridge over the Saraswati River.

Divine Attractions


Neelkanth peak is located at an altitude of 6,597 meters above sea level and is known as the ‘Queen of Gharwal’. The holy place of Badrinath can be seen from this peak. Many Brahmakamals are found here. It is located above the Badrinath Temple.

Tapt Kund

Tapt Kund, a common spring, is believed to be the abode of Lord Agni. Kund is believed to have medicinal properties and can cure many skin diseases. This place is visited by many tourists all year round.

Mata Murti Temple

This temple is dedicated to the mother of Lord Narayan. According to legend, Mata Murti wanted him to be born as the son of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu granted him this wish and he was born in the form of twins Nar and Narayan. The temple holds an annual fair in August.


Vasudharais a waterfall located 9 kilometers from Badrinath Temple. It is believed that this was the temporary abode of the Pandavas while they were in exile. View the Vasudhara River valley offering panoramic views.

So, this article provides the whole information of Mana, India’s last village and you must visit attractive places which we have mentioned above.

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