Jaisalmer Desert

Jaisalmer is a small desert town in the state of Rajasthan India. The city has a great history which is full of battles, festivals and a want to build an astonishing city. The term Jaisalmer comes from Jaisal Singh of who was the ruler of the state in 11 century AD. Even after his death, his future generation did a lot to expand the empire and build a strong fort, which even stands today. The Golden fort.

So, if you are planning to visit Desert City Jaisalmer in 2021, you should have a look at the below list of top places to visit in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer fort has a long history and the castle has seen both good and bad days. The fort was once captured by the Islamic rulers for 9 years, but the majority of the time, it was under local Rajput’s. The walls, temples, and the entry gates have beautiful architecture and the use of yellow sandstones makes the fort spark as gold in the early morning. As soon as the first light of sun touches the walls of the fort, it glows in golden colour and that’s why we locals call the fort as Sonar Quilla, which means Golden fort. Impressed with the beauty, a film director Satyajit Ray wrote a novel, name Sonar Quila, on this fort.

Tanot Mata Mandir

Tanot Mata Mandir since then the temple has become a popular tourist destination and a must see in Jaisalmer recommended by us.

Gandhi Chowk Street

Hey if you are spending a holiday in Jaisalmer than you have to go for shopping. So, for shopping Gandhi Chowk Street is the best option. The market is full of heritage hotels, India tribal jewellery, tasty food and the great chance to connect with locals. So do lend 4-5 hours in this market.

Well, there is so muck to see in Jaisalmer. One need a minimum of 3-4 days to visit the above three and desert safari which alone takes a complete day, but it’s worthy. If you are coming from Delhi, than I will suggest to book a flight to Jodhpur and spend a day there. Than comes to Jaisalmer by road. So you will even cover Jodhpur.

So if my review on desert city Jaisalmer is useful or does you want to add anything else, then just leave a comment.

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