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As we all know India is all well known for its mannered tradition and culture from ancient time, people have huge faith in God/Goddess because of teaching & story. So, the consequences they build many temple all across the India and today as I am going to explore one them temple name “Tanot Mata Mandir”.

About Tanot Mata Mandir

‘Tanot Mata Mandir’ is temple of Goddess Hinglaz in district Balmer near Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It is closed to the Indo-Pak border. This temple is under Border Security Force (BSF) due to security reason and we also called as ‘Temple of Miracles’ because it is said that Goddess Hinglaz defended the soldiers of India from bombs in such a great way during India Pakistan war of 1965 and 1971. The surroundings of temple are very peaceful yet it is in Thar Desert, a hot region. Tourists are not allowed to go beyond the temple (near to the border) unless one gets the proper documentation from the higher authorities. Feelings of public are attached to the temple to provide best amenities to devotees.

History Of Tanot Mata

In AD 847, Tanot was capital of Bhati rajput king Tanu Rao and foundation of Tanot temple was installed in this kingdom. Tanot Mata Mandir was taken care by generations of Bhati Rajputs and people of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The recent his highness king of Balmer is Tribhuvan Singh Rathore. The area of Tanot temple prone to the army attacks. Before the BSF holds the management of temple (in 1965) it was holding by RAC. The land around the temple is infertile and it is said that this land has oil and gas reserves.

Why Is Tanot Mata Temple Is So Admissible Among Peoples?

It is said that during the Indo-Pak war of 1965, Pakistan dropped numerous of bombs on the temple and in vicinity of temple but even a single bomb did not explode. People said that it was only happened because of the divine power of Goddess Tanot, known as ‘Temple of Miracles’. There is a museum in the temple in which those unexploded bombs are kept. These proofs that there is GOD dwell and have supernatural power and this makes it the most admirable temple of the Indian history.

Attraction Spots For Tourists

Along with perfecting the sight of temple, tourists can also enjoy the unique culture and tradition of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is very famous for architectures. It has very artful, creative and beautiful places, historical monuments and temples. Way of celebrating festivals in Rajasthan mostly in Jaisalmer is very different and eye pleasant. Some famous festivals and fairs in Rajasthan are Ganghor in month of april, Mahashivratri , Nagaur festival and fair, Bikaner camel festival, pushkar fair, khatu shyam ji fair gogaji fair and so many others.

Location / How To Reach Tanot Mata Mandir?

Tanot Mata Mandir is located in district Balmer which is about 120 km far from Jaisalmer. This area is cover up with sand dunes and mountains. Temperature can easily go above 49 degrees in this region. Due to desert and high wind speed, Ideal time to visit Jaisalmer is November to January. It is very sure that tourists will experience such a great fun and relax to the mind in full of traditions and cultures state, Rajasthan.

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