6 Perks In Visiting And Staying In Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is the capital city of the most populous state in the country, Georgia. It boasts various nicknames because of its unique characteristics and offerings. Because of the greenery and forest present, the city is sometimes called the city of trees. Sometimes, the city is called the Big Peach due to many peach-influenced spaces, food, and events. This city has its fair contribution to the country’s history, being the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. Nowadays, it is a hotspot for movie enthusiasts since many films, like Stanger Things and Hunger Games, are shot here. The city is also very welcoming to many pet parents since the top vets in Atlanta are accessible, and most places accommodate most pets. Let’s delve deeper into the six reasons why you should visit and stay in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. Rich History

Atlanta is recognized for its contribution to the Civil Rights Movement, spearheaded by Martin Luther King Jr., who was also born in this city. You can visit MLK Jr.’s hometown in the Sweet Auburn district. It is filled with historically-rich exhibits and places, namely the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and Ebenezer Baptist Church. You can head down to the National Center of Civil and Human Rights to know more about the timeline and other information regarding the Civil Rights Movement. There are plenty more exhibits and museums in the city that presents the moving history of Atlanta.

2. Pet-Friendly Stores

The city has plenty of offerings for the fur parents out there. If you are looking for someplace to eat, you can go and visit the City Winery. The City Winery, located at Old Fourth Ward, offers a plethora of drink and brunch options, and they also have a dedicated menu for your fur baby. Moreover, if you’re looking for places to stay, go to The Highland Inn. The Highland Inn is one of the oldest guesthouses in the city and allows two pets in their rooms. These are only a handful of places and accommodations for those planning to bring their pets. If ever you face dilemmas with your pets, the veterinarians in the city are also very responsive, especially online.

3. Food

Atlanta boasts a very diverse cuisine and food styles. It caters to anyone’s liking, whether it’s traditional American, Italian, or Asian food. You can taste this assortment of cuisine in Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn Curb Market and Krog Street Market. The Sweet Auburn Curb Market contains 11 varying food stalls and also sells numerous meat and produce goods. Furthermore, the Krog Street Market offers 16 food stalls that serve different food such as sushi, barbecue, and traditional Southern fried chicken.

4. Movie Locations

Due to the state’s filming production-friendly tax, many studios prefer to shoot their movies and television series in Atlanta. You can visit and even recreate famous movie scenes at their respective locations in the city. Piedmont Park appeared shortly in a scene in Avengers: Infinity War when Tony Stark and Pepper Potts were jogging in a park and meeting Dr. Strange. Furthermore, the Swan House is also now known as President Snow’s mansion in The Hunger Games movie series. But the most renowned spot in Atlanta would have to be the town of Jackson, acting as the famous Hawkins, Indiana in Stranger Things. This world-famous series also shot scenes in Emory University Briarcliff Campus and Piney Wood Lane. There are tons more filming spots to discover and geek over in the city.

5. Art & Culture

Atlanta is home to many great artists, from painters to musicians and actors. This brings in many festivals and events in the city. In music, the Midtown Music Fest is the largest music festival in the city, garnering famous artists like Maroon 5 and Travis Scott. For art connoisseurs, the Buckhead Fine Arts Festival is an outdoor festival that presents a plethora of artworks ranging from paintings, sculptures, and photos.

6. Parks

The City of Trees does not shy away from having a ton of greenery and parks. Visit the Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta. It is a vast open space with greenery and offers bountiful food stalls and fountains. This park also hosts many events like concerts and festivals. If you wish to visit something with more history, stop by Grant Park. It is the city’s oldest municipal park and is surrounded by magnificent traditional Victorian homes. On the other hand, if you wish to visit a park filled with art, then Freedom Park is your next stop. It displays many artworks and sculptures depicting the country’s political issues and history. Atlanta’s go-to park would have to be Piedmont Park, which contains many picnic spots and pathways.


Atlanta offers a lot of things because of its rich historical background, natural beauty, and influence on modern entertainment media. It is home to many filming locations for famous movies and series. Furthermore, the city also has many pet-friendly accommodations in its parks, stores, and hotels. You can definitely learn something new in Peach City, whether it’s something from the past or concurrently. These are only a few of the plenty reasons why you should stop by Atlanta.

Deepak Patel
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