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Sawasdee krab!
Wondering what this is? It means, “Greetings!” in Thai!

Thailand, Land of Smiles is indeed a Traveller’s Paradise! What’s not there in Thailand?

This place is abundantly blessed with lush greenery, exotic marine life, soothing beaches, rich culture and heritage. Adding to this, they have created a niche for themselves in providing heart racing adventurous experiences and organising extravagant parties. Their ancient traditional healing massage is world famous!

What else can a person possibly dream of, during his/her vacation?

While researching on Thailand, I stumbled upon this earnest Travel Company called Dimaak Tours, who are a Destination Management Company in Thailand.

Unlike other tour operators, they mainly focus on Thailand and work on end to end tour operation. They have a 24*7 assistance system. Can communicate efficiently in English and other major Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu.

Whatever you dream of, they will transform it into a reality! You can go to places that you choose at your convenience. They are Destination Experts who have been living in Thailand for over a decade and will hand-hold you throughout your trip; starting from the planning phase to the execution phase.

The very next thought is about the budget, Correct?

Their charges are on the lower-side unlike other travel agents and they are very transparent. There are no mark-up or hidden costs associated with them. Hence, scratch this off your worry list!

Dimaak is very versatile. From Solo trips to Honeymoon vacation; Family trips to Corporate tours. For Nature lovers and also to Party animals. Everything will be planned according to your whims and fancies! You can choose to stay at extravagant, fancy places or at budget hotels; all will be catered to.

This place is a One-Stop-Shop for your Thailand Vacation. Just contact Dimaak if Thailand pops up in your head! All will be fixed without any hassle. All possible services are offered to make you comfortable through-out your trip. Like, free Thai SIM Card. On request, some services like – Currency Ex-change, Visa procedures and also Travel insurances will be taken care off. You can live the life King-Size there, through VIP reservations and travelling in Luxury automobiles. All exclusively for you.

Their expertise and professionalism has always been their plus points. Their Customer’s testimonies say it all!

They have being highly rated for their meticulous planning and execution. Their responsiveness and reach-ability whenever the client was in need; any time of the day, has also earned them some chunky brownie points. Their care for your money and providing quality services without leaving any loose ends for the customers to cater to themselves has won many hearts. So, there is no reason for you to be concern about your Thailand vacation planning. You can rest assured, this will be your best experience ever!

Think Thai!
Think Dimaak!

Deepak Patel
Hi, I am Deepak Patel, An Indian travel blogger. Like the name of my blog, I always seek for some thrilling travel experienced, especially in undiscovered places of India. My objective is to show you all the real ancient India which possess lots of historical wealth that we should know about. Whatever, I achieved through my travels, I share with my readers to let them have a better knowledge about the real, untouched natural and historical beauty of the my land India.