Everything To Know About Kumbh Mela

Being known as one of the most peaceful gathering among all the Hindu spiritual events in the world, the Kumbh Mela is definitely the most desirable pilgrimage for Hindu religious community. It is strong belief in Hindu religion that a bathe in sacred river during Kumbh Mela is a very holy deed which cleans all the sins.

Where Does Kumbh Mela Held?

This highly awaited Mela is held four times over the period of 12 years. Kumbh fair at Haridwar and Nashik helds in a difference of 3 years while fairs at Nasik and Ujjain are organized in the same year or in difference of 1 year. At Prayag and Haridwar, this grand fair is organized every sixth year which is called as Ardhkumbh Mela and when it occurs after 12 years, it is called Mahakumbh Mela.

The Four Sacred Cities Of India Where This Sacred Event Is Organized Are As Follows –

  • Prayag (Allahabad) confluence of Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati
  • Haridwar at the bank of river Ganges
  • Ujjain at the bank of river Shipra
  • Nasik at the bank of river Godavari

The above mentioned four destinations are of great religious importance in Hindu pilgrimage. All the four cities are believed to have received the drops of Amrit (sacred water for immortality) while it was being carried through flight by Lord Vishnu in a Kumbh i.e. pot. Thus, the cities are identified as the holiest religious pilgrimages for Hindus and became sites of Kumbha Mela.

Why Kumbh Mela At Prayagraj Is Importance?

Although, Kumbh Mela has its own importance in any of the four cities held but when it is organized in Prayagraj, it’s a far great sacred event and very different from kumbh melas organized in rest of the three kumbh fair sites. Here are the reasons why kumbha prayagraj is more important kumbha ceremony than others –

  • The triveni sangam i.e. congregation of three holy rivers Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati at Prayag is known to be the central part of the earth in few records.
  • It is a belief in Hindu mythology that Lord Bramha performed the Yajna for creation of universe at this place.
  • Prayag is known for practice of long term Kalpvas.
  • The rituals and tapas performed here offer the highest virtue to this site for being the most important Hindu pilgrimage.

What Are The Main Rituals Followed In Kumbh Fair ?

The sense of devotion and spirituality itself makes the Kumbha fair special. Prayers offered in various temples at the bank of river, religious hymns in the Pandaas, Shahi snaan (royal bathe) of Akharas, chanting of vedic mantras, tatvamimansas by sages, spiritual music and instrumental sound, joyous crowd for holy dips in sangam are all the attractions of the majestic Fair. Due to visit of tapaswi saints, sages, ascetics and their followers who pay great respect and devotion towards them, the Prayag Kumbha fair is a unique Hindu fest itself. For more than 10 million pilgrims visit the Kumbha Mela at Prayag whenever it is held, the fair is known as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. The area of thousands of acres in the Sangam region is reserved for the great fair where the great fair lasts for about two months.

Preparations For Kumbh Mela 2019

Hindu followers are very excited this year for the Ardhkumbh Mela is being held in Prayagraj. The government has done good preparations for Kumbh Mela 2019. Various points have been kept on focus while doing arrangements for the big congregation in Prayag. Lighting and health facilities, security services, traffic management and maintenance of cleanliness in the area are some main points being taken under consideration. Apart from basic amenities, some advance facilities are also being provided to pilgrims in Ardhkumbh Mela 2019 which will involve modern technologies. Well designed gates to welcome them, spacious and well-lighted pandals for their stay and organization of food courts with different cuisines is being ensured.

How To Reach Prayag?

Reaching Prayag is easy from all the three ways- airways, roadways and railways.

  • As there is no airport in Prayag, you can get a flight to Varanasi from where Prayag is 107 km away. You can catch a bus to reach there from airport. Second option is reaching Bamrauli airport from where prayag is just 15 km away.
  • There is good train connectivity from all the major cities to PrayagGhat railway station.
  • If you want to go to Prayag by bus, you will have to get bus tickets for Allahabad bus stand from where Prayag is just 5 km away or Pratapgarh bus stand from where Prayag is 58 km away.
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