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Hinduism is a world renowned popular religion. It is third popular religion. This is one religion which is followed by various religious organizations. Moreover it does not consist of a single doctrine. Unlike the other religions it is not founded by a single guru.it follows multiple systems. In short it is a culture and tradition involving the way to live a holy life without any particular specific rules.


There iss no particular date or period known as to when this religion originated. This is an old religion may be as old as history itself. As per the available facts and figures infinite number of communities have been following and further promoting this religion since 1500BC. The birthplace of this religion is none other than India.


This is an ancient religion which is very much amalgamated and has some certain beliefs. One of the examples of its belief is that existence of spirit after death of human and animals. Even it believes on life after death.

Belief of existence of God and worship the idols of God and goddess. Hindus also draw positive vibes from these idols.

Belief insingle God is yet another philosophy. One of the worth mentioning thing is that they have equal trust for Gods of other religion.

Hinduism And India

It is believed that Hinduism was originated In India. Even some of the basic philosophies are also a part of Holy Gita. This scripture is all about Lord Krishna. Though India is a diverse country which follows many cults but Hinduism is one of the widely followed one. The Hindus have many sacred places to visit in India. These holy places are generally called holy pilgrimages.


Buddhism is believed to be an old religion dated back to 500 B.C. and originated in North India. The name Buddhism is believed to be derived from Buddha the founder of this religion. Buddha was born in North India a part which is now in Nepal. He was the symbol of calmness. It is this calmness that attracted a lot many people. His image conveyed his experience of awakening.

Over the time Buddhism has expanded its roots to various other parts of the world. Today it is even practiced in Australia and Europe. It is interesting to note that Hinduism and Buddhism are considered as brother and sister and have grown and flourished in India side by side.


Respect and love all the humans.

They believe in karma and practice meditation and pranayama.

Emphasis on sufferings and Buddha taught the followers to find a path on their own.

Do not believe in God

The teachings of Buddha still exist today. Buddhism is just not about Buddha statue sitting but a lot more is there. Today you can find around 500 million people following Buddhism. The teachings of Buddha are generally called The Four Noble Truths. It should be noted that today Buddhism ranks at number four among all the other religions. In short if we conclude Buddhism is all about religion without a God.

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