Honeymoon Places in Dubai

Dubai is one of the hottest attractions for a honeymoon trip. Whether it is summer or winter, you can visit lovely romantic places that you will definitely make your honeymoon memorable. The city has everything to satisfy your taste. Fun lovers can go on adventures on beaches, skydiving, scuba diving, leisure clubs, Spa, and much more.

Spending beautiful time with your loved ones is an unmatchable blessing. The beginning of new married life is like a dream come true for many. When fortune knocks at your door, then don’t miss the chance to collect the flower of happiness with your life partner. Spare some time and enjoy the company of your love in the mesmerizing beauty of Dubai.

What is the best time to Visit Dubai for Honeymoon

Visitors are welcomed in Dubai, whether it be cool or hot. However, the best time for honeymooners is between November to mid-December. This time period is comparatively less crowded, and you can enjoy privacy with your partner during City tour Dubai. Visiting Dubai during this tenure will somehow reduce your fatigue.

Dubai has many popular honeymoon places, romantic tourist destinations where honeymooners visit throughout the year from all over the world. It is the country’s vital tourist destination due to an excellent reason for having many tourist spots such as beaches and creeks, scenic spots, desert safaris, theme parks, skyscrapers, watersports, best quality seven stars, and 5-star hotels. Dubai offers much excitement and enjoyment for honeymooners.

Dubai shares the love in the air with newlyweds who visit Dubai for their honeymoon. Book a luxurious personal trip to explore the sands and waters of the place. Privacy is the most in-demand by honeymooners.

Burj Khalifa and Downtown Attractions

Burj Khalifa is the most famous and tallest building in the world, located in downtown. Inside the tower are many offices, residences, restaurants, eateries, sky lobbies, and much more for guests and residents and a rooftop to observe the Dubai skyline. State-of-the-art facilities and fitness clubs, Jacuzzi, swimming pools, and other recreational activities grant you an unparalleled experience. Spacious rooms are made for events and gatherings.

In the Burj Khalifa, you can enjoy food or drinks with your partner and observe the city from the windows. The height of Burj Khalifa is 828m. Watching the city and vast deserts of Dubai is itself a big attraction.

Staying in downtown Dubai puts you smackdab in the city’s vortex of vibrancy. Plenty of eateries are out there downtown that sell delicious food. Fresh salad, spice, and bakery, camel milk cappuccino is brilliant. The place shares a lot of romantic moments to enjoy.

Red Dunes Desert Safari

Desert safari is essential for a Dubai trip. Without peeping through the desert culture of the country, no trip to Dubai is complete. Honeymooners mostly go for an overnight desert safari. There are a couple of desert safaris in Dubai. The nearest safari is only 37km from downtown, where reach is within 20 minutes. The overnight safari begins at 4 in the evening and goes till 9 in the morning.

Desert Sarai is the peak of enjoyment in Dubai. Sand dunes call for the bashers and sand surfers. Running quad bikes on the dunes is one of the honeymoon adventures goals. You can get photographs there in Arabic dress. Arabic traditional BBQ and drinks double the excitement. Belly and Tanura dances are the taste of desert safari. Treat yourself to Arabic traditions and culture.

Pierchic, Madinat Jumeirah

One of the famous romantic date night places in Dubai is Pierchic, Madinat Jumeirah. The ambiance of the place melts the hearts of the lovers out to share the vibes. The spectacular view of Pierchic while enjoying the delicious seafood takes you to another world. The Arabian sea view from the perch of pierchic provides the most romantic setting. Mellow music on the beautiful deck of pierchic offers treats that you cannot ignore.

Water Parks

Dubai is an oasis in the desert. One can’t help but dive into the water. Spending a day in the water with your loved ones is an incredible idea. Dubai has two famous water parks in the town. You can visit any of them and enjoy the party and water romance. Wild Wadi and Aquaventure both are themed parks and have tumbling water slides. However, few differences, such as Wild Wadi have a surfing simulator while Aquaventure has “The Leap of Faith”. Here you stay, extremely horrible man-eating sharks. Overall, the trip to the water park is fun and thrilling.

Villa Beach

Dinner at villa beach is the peak of seaside romance. Natural music of waves running to shore is literally romantic when your lover is with you. Cold sand under your feet, sea at the front, and Burj Al Arab at your back create a mystic aura. The whole atmosphere is imbibed with romance. Alongside, you will be served delicious food gently. Villa beach will make your night the best of all.

Romance in Hot Air Balloon

The Hot Air Balloon ride is something very unique. If you are an early riser, then you must be interested in the splendid sight of sunrise. That’s the best time for a Hot Air Balloon ride. Balloon Adventure Emirates has managed everything for your safe ride. Dubai has great desserts for such adventures. The majestic sun spreads its golden beams over the vast sea of sand. In the meanwhile, the Hot Air Balloon ride picks up the lovebirds to endless skies.

The beauty of nature at the time generously shares its breathtaking designs to urge the paise of the might creator. The deserts in Dubai nourish indigenous species of the animal kingdom. Camels come grunting in the flocks; Gazelles run for the morning jog. Oryx moving in the groups can’t be overlooked. From the lengths of the skies, you can see the desert life uninterruptedly.

Relaxing in Spa

A spa date is homogenous of luxury and romance. Relaxing and romance side by side are only possible in Spa. Spa brings you the true realization of tranquility and peace. The proficient hands of the masseur skillfully relax the stressed nerves and comfort with various techniques of massage.

Entering the Spa leaves worries behind the door. For peace of mind, soul, and body, a Spa gives the real feel of comfort and luxury. Spa helps enlighten the mood and gives a vibrant color for love in life. Visiting a spa is very refreshing and relaxing.

Cruise Dinner

Dining on the boat has always been admired for romance. Traditional Arabic dhow sails on the sea for a few hours, providing you complete privacy amidst the serene sea. A delicious meal is served on the boat with unlimited soft drinks.

For a more exquisite experience, you may catch up to Dubai Marina. You may opt between the marina Yacht and Marina Dhow Cruise. It would be best if you were dazzled by the masterpiece of modern Dubai architecture. More classified and customized experience is share by The Bateaux Dubai cruise.

Romantic Night Walk

Night walks are always exceptional, particularly when you are in Dubai on your honeymoon. That’s the time to showcase the pure emotion of love and discovering true love in your partner’s eyes. You fell in love over and again during a long night walk.

Walk-in Dubai downtown brings forward an unseen picture of Dubai Nights. Restaurants and cafes are all crowded at night—the beautiful lighting gears up a new wave of excitement. Dubai downtown is the heart of the city where the biggest hotels attract tourists from all over the world.

Roaming around the streets confronts you with amazing eateries and cafes. Roads and streets are always crowded with locals and tourists. Walking ahead is the attraction of the seaside. Walking by the beach can’t be explained when you hold the hand of your life partner on a full moon night.

Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden is really a miracle by the hand of mankind. Rhythmic colors of beautiful nature organized in eye-catchy patterns surprise the beholder’s eye. Thousands of flowers enlightened the moods of visitors. It is claimed the garden to have 1 million blooming natural flowers. Moving across the various flower beds feels like out of the world.

Visit this garden with your life partner and enjoy the pleasant fragrance of million sweet-smelling flowers here. Photographs clicked in the garden will surely be out of this world. No doubt the garden is a symbol of excellence of hands with the power of natural beauty.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

Finally, Dubai is a fantastic city to visit. A perfect place for a family visit and romantic trips. It has a strange union of sea and desert. The city’s amazing Arabian destinations take you from the hot desert to the cool tallest skyscraper, from the marine ride to the hot air balloon in the sky. Must visit the city and explore what it shares with you.

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