Kuldhara Village

In the prosperous and cherishful environment of Rajasthan, heritage of incredible architecture monument, blowing sand along with deserts and sand dunes, it also has a village i,e Kuldhara as a heritage of curse and calamity of Paliwal Brahmins which sets the village at name of haunted, curse and abandoned.

Recitation Of Haunted Village

In Rajasthan, about 18km from Jaisalmer, a village named Kuldhara comprises of 85 villages is one of the most haunted places of India. It explains weirdest and most horrible story. At first sight, there is not even single human being can be seen in the village yet it looks more a town. It looks a planned, well-settled place which surely had admirable ambience during when it was inhabited. Kuldhara Village has temples, houses, streets of ancient architectural style sounds the development of the village in by gone times. The second face, nights of Kuldhara village can’t be ignore. It reflects its curse at nights; no one is allowed to enter the village and its premises during night. According to the locals, who tries to stay the village would bring to death. Many queries arises about the village in everyone’s mind which makes people curious and interested to find the answer to that queries.

History Of Paliwal Brahmin Samaj In Kuldhara

Kuldhara belongs to Paliwal Brahmins Samaj who used to live there till 19th century. The village was established in 1291. The reason for the vanish of village after 7 centuries of well settled villagers was a minister in the ruling kingdom at that time. The minister had carnal eye on the younger daughter of the chief of the village. He wanted to marry with her, forced the chief for marrying his daughter, but chief denied. In 1825, one night all the chiefs of the 85 villages decide to leave the Kuldhara for their pride and honor in the very dark night. Nobody knows where they went after leaving the village. It is said that they were settled near Jodhpur. All the villagers cursed the village that who tries to inhabit the village in future would bring to death. Till then, Kuldhara shows the dignity of Paliwal Brahmins with ghostly silence all over the village.Paliwal Brahmins SamajPaliwal Brahmin are said to have a good knowledge of agriculture. Raksha Bandhan festival is not celebrated by Paliwal Brahmins because it is said that it was the day on which Brahmins left the Kuldhara in 1825, also, this lead to eradicate of the Paliwal Brahmins Samaj.

Fact-Finding For Existence Of Ghosts

People always have curiosity to know about the existence of ghosts, spirits and spiritual powers. Many scientists and paranormal societies of all over the world do research to unravel the mystery behind the haunted places. Paranormal society of Delhi acknowledge about the haunted Kuldhara village. A team of 18 expert members along with 10-12 other people decided to spend an entire night in the village. They experienced some strange activities in starting hours of their stay. The team descry these activities with their high-tech electronic equipments, from the handprints of children on their cars, some moving shadows with LASER rays, one of them revealed that he experience some one’s touch on his shoulder but no one was there. The team had a device K-2 meter by which they noticed sudden rise and drop of temperature from 31 degrees to 42 degrees within distance of a few meters. The objective of paranormal society of Delhi is to dispel fear from people because strange activities in the village minify as their confidence increases.

Where To Stay In Kuldhara ?

Kuldhara heritage resort is about 5kms away from the Kuldhara village and 11kms from Jaisalmer city. It is a typical desert village in the silence of Thar Desert, sand dunes gives an image of village made with mud houses of villagers and craftsman. Kuldhara heritage village has deluxe rooms to stay of 3 stars facilities, conference halls, and restaurant to provide tourists a comfortable stay for enjoying their tour.

If you are deciding to have a trip to Jaisalmer then you should take time to experience the symbol of pride and honor of Paliwal Brahmins i.e. Kuldhara village turned to haunted place. Give a chance to overcome the curiosity and answer yourself by having a visit at Kuldhara village.

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