Maihar Devi

There are many spiritual places in India to explore if you are interested to visit religious sites. I found Maihar which is popular by the name of Maihar Devi a worth visiting place from religious point of view. Apart from this, the place abodes enormous natural beauty one should not miss to watch. Let’s read about Maihar Devi also know as Maa Sharda Temple.


Maihar Devi Dham is in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh is one of the most beautiful natural places of the state. Located on Trikuta hill, the temple of the Goddess Sharda is situated on 367 m elevation. One can reach at the top of the temple by 1063 stairs or through ropeway.

When And How To Reach Maihar Devi

The place can be visited all round the year but October and April is the best time to visit there for witnessing the great fair of Navratri. Weather is also pleasant during these months.

Connectivity can never be a concern to visit Maihar because there are enough well developed ways to reach the Sharda Devi Temple. The town is well connected with major rail routes and National Highway 7. Maihar railway station lies between Katni and Satna railway stations. One can easily get a train to Maihar under west central railway. Jabalpur and Khajuraho airports are the nearest for those who prefer airways. But after reaching Jabalpur or Khajuraho airport, one would have to catch a train to Maihar. The temple is just 2. 5 kilometers far from Maihar railway station and one can easily reach there via taxi or private auto.

I preferred visiting there by my own vehicle from my home town Chopan. The roadways till we crossed Uttar Pradesh border, were not very good. But I liked the smooth and likeable road after entering the Madhya Pradesh Border. 

Origin Of The Name / Maihar Devi Story

The story behind the origin of the name of the temple is very interesting. According to purans, when Sati’s father Daksha Prajapati organized a Yajna function in his house, he didn’t invite Sati and her husband Lord Shiva because he didn’t have good terms with the Lord Shiva. Sati filled with grief by knowing this and visited in the yajna function at her father’s house in anger to ask him the reason of not inviting her and her husband. Lord Shiva tried to stop Sati from going there but she didn’t listen. There in the Yajna Function, Sati’s father spoke insulting words for Lord Shiva; disappointed with the behavior of her father, Sati jumped into the yajna fire and died.

Lord Shiva became so disturbed and angry by listening the news of Sati’s death. He ran towards the place of Yajna and held the dead body of Sati on his shoulder. He became so mad on the death of her wife that he ran from one mountain to another and shouted loudly again and again whether anyone in the universe could bring his wife back to life. While he was running in this madly state from a place to another, various jewelries of Sati’s body were felling here and there. The places wherever Sati’s jewelries fell had been later developed as Shaktipeethas. According to Hindu mythology, there are total 51 shaktipeethas. Maihar is also a Shaktipeetha and Sati’s necklace fell in this place. That’s why, the name of the place is Maihar i.e. ‘Mai’ means mother and ‘har’ means necklace.

History And Mythological Importance Of Mahir Devi

The Maihar city has been established in the 18th century by Rajputs and acted as a princely state of the British rule in the 19th century.

The city has a folktale of Alha and Udal also who are known to be the greatest devotee of the goddess. The two brothers fought Prithviraj Chauhan in 1182 CE. They are also known for their bravery and dedication towards their motherland. Now, the city is also famous to have a very famous oral epic on the name of Alha.

What To See In Maihar Devi

The main temple of Goddess Sharda is a place of religious significance. One can reach at the top of the temple through rope way or by using stairs. Ropeway facility availed for pilgrims is safe and reliable and really economical. If you don’t have enough time to reach the temple by going through stairs which can take about 2-3 hours; you should prefer ropeway. Pilgrims who start their journey to the top of the temple through stairs enter the temple from the main gate while the ropeway drops pilgrims at the gate located at the backside of the temple. The designing of the temple is old fashioned; made up of stone looks attractive for its antique appearance.

People believe that whatever wish they ask to the goddess, would be fulfilled for sure. Many people tie coconuts in red cloth and tie it in the railing of the stairs leading towards the entrance of the temple. They believe that tying coconuts in this way there will make their wish come true. I saw the entire railing of both sides of the stairs covered with those wishful coconut. Inside the temple, staying so long in front of the Goddess’ deity is not allowed (to avoid rush and to allow ‘darshan of the Goddess’ to all the devotees). However, there is enough space inside the temple where one can see priests sitting here and there, conducting particular ‘pooja’ for devotees. Those who want to get that special ‘pooja’ done in favor of health, wealth and prosperity can stop near the priests and request them to worship from their behalf.

After coming out from the temple; of course from the exit gate, I was flattered to see a big open campus in the temple premise where people were sitting on the cemented sofas or floor and enjoying the spiritual environment. Some newly married couples were applying the turmeric paste on their palms and making the imprints of their palms on the outer walls of the temple for a happy and successful marital life. On the other hand, some parents brought their small children to the temple for their ‘mundan sanskar’ (the act of making small child bald according to the hindu sanskars). The professionals to conduct munda sanskar were already present in the temple premises.

Apart from the majestic Maa Sharda Devi temple; the city is known for the Golamath Temple, Oila Temple, Alha Temple, Badi Maai Temple, Bada Akhanda Temple and Purva waterfalls.

The Pannikhoh caves are another important place of tourist attraction. The marvelous natural beauty of this place offers divine piece to the spectator.

There is a cement factory complex in Sarlanagar which adds industrial touch to this spiritual city. 

Feel free to ask any question related to my visit to Mahir Devi. I will be happy to assist you. Put below in the comment section.

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