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Temples on the hills from all the ages has a unique kind of captivation and charm. To explore such type of charm, a temple ‘Purnagiri’ is going to find out in this blog.

Portraiture Of ‘Maa Purnagiri Temple

Maa Purnagiri Temple is also known as ‘punyagiri’ refers as the mountain of good deeds. It is localized close to the Nepal border at a distance of about 20 km from Tanakpur of district Champawat in state Uttarakhand, India. From Tanakpur a traversable road till Thulligarh from which Tunyas has to be reached by an under construction road. People go on foot from Thulligarh to temple via ‘Baans ki Charhaai’ comes to ‘Hanuman Chatti’. This temple is located on the top of the mountain above 3000 meters from sea level. A trek about 3km is needed to reach the top of the mountain (temple).

The arena is so beautiful. River ‘Kaali’ is streaming between two mountains head on to each other, on one of them is Purnagiri and another mountain has a temple of ‘Baba Siddh Nath’. The mountain Purnagiri shrouded with Shops and ‘Dharamshalas’ where tourists and devotees can stay and enjoy the place. Arena from the top of the Purnagiri mountain is pleasant. As we can see some Nepali villages, streaming of river, townships. Tourists and devotees can enjoy this beautiful view from the top of Purnagiri.

Purnagiri History/Legendary

Maa Purnagiri Temple is one among’ 108 ‘Shaktipeethas’ of goddess Durga. There was sometime in Satya Yuga, Daksha ( father of goddess sati wife of Lord Shiva) organized a Yagna (vrihaspati) but did not invite her daughter sati because he was angry with her as she was married to yogi Lord Shiva against of his wishes. Sati was not invited in the yagna in spite of she reached to the yagna , where Daksha insulted her husband and because of bad temper Sati committed suicide, jumped into the yagna fire.

Lord Shiva got tempered and cut off Daksha’s head. He picked the body of Sati and wandered in the whole universe. Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan chakra cuts the body into pieces. The various parts of the body fell at different places in India and these parts are known as ‘Shaktipeethas’. In Purnagiri temple, naval (naabhi) part of the body was fallen of Mata Sati.

Devotion Of Devotees Towards Goddess

Goddess Purnagiri is the second face of ‘Annapurna’, Annapurna meant for Goddess who fulfills the food needs of the entire world. So, people take a hand full of rice from the temple with them. Maa Purnagiri Temple is naval (Naabhi) body part of Sati, it is said that sacrament which propitiates by devotees in the hole (Naabhi of a goddess) gets out in the temple of Pashupati Nath.

Pashupati Nath is Hindu temple in Nepal of Lord Shiva folks ties wishes knots in the Purnagiri Temple for the sake of completion of their wishes.

Spots Mean For Tourists

Throughout the year, thousands of people come to the temple. Purnagiri fair is organized in the valley of Purnagiri in days of Navratras of month April. In this fair, the valley is full of charm, glory and sound of devotional songs. This valley is for tourist’s religious tour as it has accomplished temples, and glory of these temples is speechless. Tourists can also enjoy a visit to a kind of national park named ‘Vanvasa’. Its beauty and nature are unexplainable. Peoples should take a look of prestigious Nepal that has a different culture yet it is another country but a visa isn’t needed for Indians. Peoples can also visit Pashupati Nath temple of Lord Shiva.


Purnagiri temple is located on the top of the mountain at a distance of 20km from Tanakpur in Thulligarh of state Uttarakhand. It is about 170kms from Pithoragarh and 95kms from Champawat. The way to the temple is from Thulligarh to Tunyas and then trekking of 3km is needed, called ‘Baans Ki Charhaai’ till ‘Hanuman Chatti’.

How To Reach Maa Purnagiri Temple

Different trails are available by which ‘Maa Purnagiri Temple’ can be reached. Bus services from main cities Lucknow, Delhi, Kanpur, Calcutta, Dehradun etc. directly to Tanakpur. Nearest railway station is Tanakpur about 22kms away from the temple. The Tourists, who want to travel by air, can reach temple as nearest Airport is Pant Nagar at about 121kms away from the temple.

Purnagiri temple’ is divine of supernatural powers of nature. If you are thinking about a place where you want to be surrounded by peace and blessings along with quality time spent with your family then this place is for you.

Blessings of Goddess surely showers on you.

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