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Lake Placid has a huge selection of available rentals for accommodating a different number of people. From upscale private residences and Great Camps to quaint abodes and condos, renting a cabin or cottage has a lot of advantages for groups and extended families. Many rental cabins are equipped with a variety of equipment and supplies and for you to enjoy.

Where Is Lake Placid?

Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake, and Lake Placid make up an area of the Adirondacks known as the Tri-Lakes region. Actually, Lake Placid town sits on Lake Placid’s south shores, and it encompasses the elegant Mirror Lake.

Lake Placid is approximately a six-hour drive from Toronto Canada and approximately a five-hour drive to get from New York to Lake Placid, which makes the area a great spot for making a road trip from New York to Toronto or vice-versa. Search lake placid vacation rental for more information.

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1. Lake Placid

It’s located approximately fifty miles southwest of Plattsburgh, New York on the shores of the popular Mirror Lake. For all things Olympic, consider Lake Placid. If you ever want to skate on an Olympic oval, observe the view from the top of a ski jump or experience bobsledding, then Lake Placid should be your spot. It features a lot of nice restaurants and a walkable tourist town.

2. Saranac Lake

This is a lively village close to many outdoor activities. People who reside here are proud of the beautiful, historic downtown spot that contains an artsy vibe. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you can begin a distinctive challenge of becoming a Saranac sixer just by hiking all the six Saranac Peaks.

3. Tupper Lake

This Lake is a place that is very family-friendly by presenting a lot of opportunities for learning about Adirondack nature. Curious brains can engage creatively from the Adirondack Observatory to the popular Wild Center museum. Also, Tupper Lake is the site of three mountains, i.e., Tupper Triads, which provide more casual and pretty hiking terrain.

The Olympic Ski Jump Complex in Lake Placid

You’re missing out if you have never gone to the top of an Olympic ski jump complex. Discover Lake placid vacation rental to get this amazing experience. To say the least, it’s very humbling to be at the top of the 120m Lake Placid ski jump platform. Riding the gondola to the lift’s base is absolutely fun. Watching the ski jump training take place underneath gives you a taste of what is in store for you when you reach the top.

The ski jumping memorabilia that is lined on the walls of the complex is also interesting to see. There is also a spectacular view of the Adirondack Mountains, which you should prepare for because it is incredible!

Guests to the ski complex can visit the tube rides down the hill with an extra cost.

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