Dubai’s exquisite architectural feats, unconventional and extraordinary attractions often overshadow the authenticity of Dubai – its raw natural desert beauty. When a visitor strolls through the contemporary sights and view the scintillating cityscape, it can often make them forget that Dubai is a desert city. To know the real Dubai, the emirate that existed before modernity transformed it into a futuristic city, a desert safari Dubai expedition beyond the city limits into the sprawling Arabian dunes is a must. On a desert safari trip in Dubai, you can venture out and enjoy the following activities.

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing Dubai

Ever enjoyed a rollercoaster ride in a desert? Book a dune bashing experience on your desert safari tour and you can enjoy the same feeling as a heart-pumping rollercoaster ride except there are no definite tracks. This makes it rather exciting and unpredictable as the skilled driver of a 4×4 swerves, plunges and manoeuvres through the undulating golden dunes causing intense ups and downs, turns, and abrupt drops. If you want to start with a good kick of adrenaline rush on your desert safari, the dune bashing is the way to start your experience. It is perhaps one of the popular things to do in Dubai desert safari for that instant rush of exhilaration. However, this desert sport is not for the faint-hearted visitors.

Quad Biking

Quad Bike in Desert Safari

Need more control on the adventure excitement level? Try driving through the desert dunes solo on a quad bike – an adventurous version of the subtle motorbike but with 4 wheels. If you are over 16 years old, you can easily rent a quad bike and enjoy a high-speed ride on the dunes. This makes it a perfect sport for teens as well to enjoy their time with some thrills in the deserts. This off-road bike with monster wheels is all about adventure and getting dusty as you zoom and swerve over the desert terrain as you wish.

Sand Boarding

For a mellower adventure in the desert, opt for a sandboarding experience that kids and adults can enjoy to their heart’s desire. It is similar to snowboarding except you would be sliding on the sun-drenched dunes. It is easier than driving a vehicle. Just strap a board to your feet and let gravity do its thing as you skid from uphill to downhill. This desert activity is something you can enjoy with your family and friends together.

Camel Riding

Ready to ride the ‘the ship of the desert’? On a Dubai desert safari tour, camel rides add a gentle, serene, yet thrilling experience to your sandy thrills. It’s among the most effective ways to see the desert landscapes without having to trek through the dunes, enjoying the serenity of Dubai’s red and golden dunes while the camel strolls across the golden sands at a leisurely pace.

Traditional Arabian Experiences

Fire Show in Desert Safari

A Dubai desert adventure need not be all about desert sports. You can also opt for a serene sundowner experience and enjoy a sumptuous Emirati-style BBQ dinner in the desert with an evening desert safari Dubai tour. The vibes and the ambience feel like a scene right out of the Arabian Nights tales. You can also club it with desert adventures and then unwind with a mesmerizing sunset on the desert horizon. As the golden amber hues fade away and the night turns star-studded, the desert camp glows with traditional lanterns and the ambience lights up with enticing belly dancing and tanaora shows. You can also dress up in traditional Arab attires, get temporary henna art, sip some Arabian coffee and enjoy an authentic Arabian BBQ dinner. It’s like a cultural party in the middle of nowhere. As you sit back in the warmth of the desert, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the stunning views of the night sky.

Wildlife Viewing

Desert Safari Camp

Not keen on heart-thumping adventures? No worries! The desert is also a surprisingly good spot for wildlife-viewing expeditions for nature lovers. Apart from camels, you get the opportunity to see Arabian oryx, sand cats, striped hyenas, gazelles, and various bird species in their natural habitat. You can also book falconry shows and get up close with the majestic birds of prey that are a significant part of Arabian heritage. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve are the two most popular spots in Dubai to explore the diverse wildlife of the Arabian desert.

Star Gazing

Tanoura Dance

Explore the Arabian deserts at night! Opt for an overnight desert safari to enjoy the solemn stillness of the Arabian dunes at night – a contrasting ambience compared to the modern world of Dubai city. Add a star gazing tour as well which will turn the Arabian sky into a celestial treasure hunt map. You will feel like a kid again, spotting the most exquisite constellations or making a wish at a shooting star that strikes across the sky. If you opt for a guided star gazing event, then an expert will help you identify the stars and constellations you are observing. The Sky Safari hosted by The Nest by Sonara is one of the best astronomical camps to sign up for. Keep in mind to book a tour on a new moon night for the best star gazing experience.

Luxury Overnight Camping

Dubai’s luxury quotient goes beyond the borders of its city and steeps into the desert as well! If you are willing to loosen the strings of your purse, then you can enjoy a luxury version of a desert safari. With a Premium desert safari in Dubai, you get to enjoy the desert adventures in premium vehicles, view amazing sundowner experiences and gourmet cuisine and stay back at Bedouin-styled camps and tent-styled villas with private pools and other modern facilities. Get ready to trade the city lights accommodation for starlit nights at Arabian luxury camps at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, Nest by Sonara, and Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa to name a few.


The Dubai Desert Safari is an immersive holiday excursion in Dubai that allows you to experience the natural beauty of authentic Dubai, desert adventures, and Emirati culture while putting you in the shoes of a Bedouin nomad and connecting with the city’s real history. It is a must-visit for anyone travelling to Dubai to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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