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You have probably visited countless cities across the world, but have you been to Tokyo? If your answer to this question is negative, you need to make quick plans and visit Tokyo this festive season. Travel enthusiasts who have been to Tokyo can testify that the city does not in any way compare to other cities in the world. Tokyo, Japan, is unique in its tracks. You will discover that the city offers something for every person and this means you can come with your kids, relatives, workmates, schoolmates, colleagues, etc. The good thing about visiting Tokyo Japan is that you don’t have to wait until you have enough time – even a one day tour to Tokyo Japan is worth it. How to Experience Tokyo in 1 Day Tour.

Enjoy Your Breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market

Your one-day excursion in Tokyo, Japan, should begin at Tsukiji Fish Market. It’s one of the most exciting places not only in Tokyo but in Japan at large. The reason why Tsukiji Fish Market is so famous is simply because of its daily Tuna Action. If you wish to witness the tuna auction, then set your alarm on as you will need to arrive at Tsukiji market as early as 4. Am.You will have to go on foot – after all, it’s just a short distance, and public transport here doesn’t operate at this time. If you don’t want to wake up early, look for good accommodation close to Tsukiji Market. The Tuna Action begins officially at 9:00 A.M; however, the market is usually too full by this time When you enter the Tsukiji Inner Market, you will have a chance to taste any kind of delicacy you’ve ever seen on a Japanese menu.Even if you did not make it to wake up early to witness the Tuna Action, go straight to Tsukiji market for your warm breakfast. The market is known for its seafood – talk of salmon eggs, Tuna, squid, sea, urchins, etc.Grab a sushi breakfast at any restaurant inside Tsukiji market and refresh yourself. Be sure you’ll be served with a filing morning snack that will give you the energy you need to explore the entire Tokyo.

Tsukiji Inner and Outer Tour

Tour the market to find out what it offers. If you don’t want to look idle, order a fish, and find your way through the market as the fish gets ready. A fish is one of the must-have Tokyo snacks. I’m pretty sure you have tasted fish in several other cities before, but not in Tokyo. Here it tastes completely different – asking how? You’d better try it out than ask questions.

Tsukiji Fish Market and Drink Walking Tour

In Tsukiji, there are very many traditional food vendors – shop around to find the best deals. The market is suitable for a, say, 3 to 5 hours of eating and drinking tour.

Go to Sushi Workshop

Tsukiji Market is one of a kind – it features a workshop where you can go to and appreciate some impressive art. It’s a food market and workshop combination that you should tour.
Make efforts to bring a camera and come in groups for maximum fun. There are various fascinating aspects that you will want to record in the Tsukiji market.

Tsukiji Rolled Sushi Class

Tsukiji Market is a vast one – you can spend your whole day in Tokyo trying to explore all the city has to offer. If cooking is your thing, why don’t you consider going to Tsukiji Rolled Sushi Class? It’s one of the largest cooking schools not only in Japan but in Asia at large. AT Tsukiji Rolled Sushi class, you will learn how to prepare popular Japanese meals such as egg omelet, Temari sushi, Miso soup, etc.You will also have a chance to taste up to 5 delicacies and popular Japanese liquor.

Experience the Ancient Tokyo at Asakusa

Located in the neighborhoods of the Tsukiji market is the ancient Tokyo -Asakusa Getting to Asakusa involves boarding a train from Higashi-Ginza Station to Asakusa station. Asakusa is popular as it shows the face of traditional Tokyo. Other regions such as Shinjuku and Shibuya will show you the modern look of the city. sure you don’t come out of Tokyo without witnessing Asakusa – a glimpse of the city’s past.

Kaminari Gate

As you get from the Tsukiji market to Asakusa, you will spot the Kaminari gate (kaminarimon) -It’s the fascinating gateway to Asakusa’s most fantastic tourist attractions. The most popular attractions here include Senso-ji, an ancient Buddhist temple that represents the ancient face of the city. Also, there is Nakamise – dori – a common shopping center leading from Kaminari Gate to Senso-Ji. Walk around the city to witness the ancient Japanese wooden architecture, shrines, temples, and other Buddhist Posadas.

Go To Tokyo Roppongi Hills

If you have some energy and time to spare, why not consider going to Tokyo Roppongi Hills? It’s considered as one of the best places to watch the sun go down in Tokyo, and also the best place to go if you are looking for superb nightlife.Getting to Roppongi hills is straightforward – simply board a train at Shibuya railway station.

Taste Some Yakitori at Yurakucho

Yurakucho is one of the most fantastic places that still retain its old-world charms. It has a lot of history that you should come here and learn by yourself. Yurakucho is a popular converging point for Japanese salarymen – they converge here in the evenings to rewind after a busy day. There are several joints where you can try out some local delicacies as you make some positive interactions with the locals.Have a taste of grilled meat at Izakaya Restaurant, and you will appreciate it.

Go to Harajuku

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Harajuku, you will have a deeper understanding of what Gwen Stefani alluded to when she released a song regarding Harajuku girls. You will meet beautiful smiling faces that will make you see Harajuku as a home far away from home.

Closing Words

Tokyo, Japan, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Asia. Besides its physical gems, the city boasts of world-class cuisines that you must try when you come here. In all the regions you go to Tokyo, you will discover one thing – they are all impressive. With all the above information at your disposal, why don’t you plan a trip to Tokyo this festive season? Visit Cathay Pacific official website for the best Tokyo flight deals.

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