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You have surfed the internet vigorously to see what you can find out about that college that has caught your fancy. You have also been able to schedule a visit. The challenge before you now is that you don’t have the vaguest idea of what to carry along and what to leave at home.

This article is part of your tour guide that will help you remember to carry all you need and leave all unnecessary clutter behind.

When visiting a college, Boston University, for instance, your BU campus tour experience will be both effective and memorable if you will remember to carry the following:

1. Money!

Of course, money tops our list as it will facilitate both a comfortable means of transportation, decent accommodation, and the great meals available on BU campus tours.
You also need to remember your credit and debit cards. Don’t forget that foreign purchases can get your bank account placed on hold, so give your bank prior notice of your travel.

2. Your Documents

Your documents here include your passport, visa, the tour itinerary, list of important phone numbers, copy of medical prescriptions, etc.
You can readily bring these documents along in a small carry-on bag with your reserve money and bank cards. You should also not forget notepads or jotters as well as pens. Also, don’t miss your prepared list of questions that you want answers to.

3. Clothes And Accessories That Suit The Weather

Depending on what time and season of the year that you want to go on your BU campus tour, you must remember to carry suitable clothes. Your winter visit should include winter coats or jackets; your visit during summer should consist of light cotton fabrics that will keep you fresh and free.

We will not ignore the significance of your underwear, gowns, dresses, shirts, jeans, and pajamas. It would be best if you also had light walking shoes and maybe, a nicer pair (there could be a ball on campus!).

4. Your Mobile Devices And Gadgets!

These will most likely be your first point of call in the digital world as we live in. You will like to preserve the memories of your visit to your favorite campus as well as share with your friends and family. Thus, you should bring along your phone, iPad, cameras, (with extra batteries), smartwatch, alarm clock and possibly phone charger.

5. Medication And Toiletries

You shouldn’t forget your tissue paper, deodorant, and your hand sanitizers. You may also need to bring along your toothbrush and toothpaste, body lotion depending on the duration of the tour.

Also, remember your prescription drugs and other medicines. You should also notify your physician of your planned trip if you suffer from any ailment requiring that you do so.

What You Shouldn’t Bother About

You may not need your pets, clothes that wrinkle easily, foodstuff, heavy shoes, bulky fabrics, etc. Go with just enough clothes to keep you comfortable for the duration of your visit.

Packing light is the key to enjoying most trips, especially campus tours. The items on our list won’t cause unnecessary bulges and weights on your bag. Remembering these items will guarantee an enjoyable and beneficial BU visit experience.

Deepak Patel
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