India Diverse Traditions Rich Culture

India is one of the most awaited destinations for tourism across the globe for obvious reasons – its warm hospitality, diverse culture and traditions, astounding heritage, variety of scrumptious delicacies, flowing ethnic clothes, adventure opportunities and undeniably it’s very different approach towards God and spirituality which compel tourists from all parts of the globe to visit the country.

Travelling in India helps you learn a lot many things, some of which I’ll be talking about in my post here.

1. Diverse Traditions & Rich Culture

India is a land of traditions and rich culture. Traditional societies like that of India attract many tourists, especially those visiting from the west because of their family bonds, rituals, festivities and the fact that the people here remain firmly connected to their roots no matter how high they reach in life. Monuments that have been present since thousands of years reflect this country’s heritage.

2. People & Languages

You’ll mostly come across good, friendly people so travel to India with open hearts and you’ll get welcomed with unmatched warmth and kindness. But yup, you may come across exceptions so be cautious as well. And you will find people living in different situations, belonging to different family backgrounds and beliefs and speaking several different languages. Though it’s believed that Indians speak Hindi, the fact remains that 59% Indians speak languages other than Hindi, which may include dialects like Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Gujrati, Urdu, etc.

3. Indian Weddings & Colorful Festivals

Indian festivals, weddings and occasions attract a lot of attention because of their vibrant, lively atmosphere, numerous fun rituals with a meaning behind them, their flowing ethnic clothes, antique jewelry, decoration, warm closely connected people and much more. And then we have plenty of them throughout the year from Sankrant (kite flying festival) to Basant Panchmi to Holi (the festival of colours), Gangaur, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Onam, Dusshera and several more. Along with these, a big fat Indian wedding is something you should never miss.

4. Spirituality & God

Indians practice a very different approach towards God and spirituality that affects almost everything about the people’s life here. Many from the west visit India seeking spirituality and a connection with the almighty and feel fully alive. We have cities like Benaras and Rishikesh, which are known for their holy ghats and yoga ashrams. Even rivers are been worshipped through lots of rituals. It is believed that a dip in the holy Ganga takes away all your sins and purifies your soul. It is a place to learn more about your own self, the world and the spiritual truths.

5. Ancient Temples & Age Old Scriptures

India takes you to several hundreds of years old temples which have an unmatched religious significance. Many religious worship sites in India such as the 4 ‘Dhams’, the famous temples of Ranakpur, the Ajmer Shareef Dargah and the Golden Temple are considered to be very pure sites, where people believe their wishes would be fulfilled and feel closer to god. Similarly, the age-old scriptures offer a lot to learn; the truths of life, the right way to live and the experiences of ancestors via mythological stories that inspire.

Though traveling in India means you have to deal with crowds, chaotic streets, sometimes unhygienic living conditions and unwanted attention from almost everyone who passes by, still a trip in Indian atmosphere has a charm of its own, something beyond words.

Deepak Patel
Hi, I am Deepak Patel, An Indian travel blogger. Like the name of my blog, I always seek for some thrilling travel experienced, especially in undiscovered places of India. My objective is to show you all the real ancient India which possess lots of historical wealth that we should know about. Whatever, I achieved through my travels, I share with my readers to let them have a better knowledge about the real, untouched natural and historical beauty of the my land India.