Jaipur Backpackers

Who Are Backpackers?

There are many definitions for them but for me they are the real who explorers of the world and they share their experience on blogs like Travelnthrill. So as I am promoting Jaipur, which is one of the hottest destination in Rajasthan, India and Asia too, so I though I should write some important information about the city which could help some of friend who are awesome backpackers.

1.Rich In Culture

Jaipur is like a millennium city or more than 1000 year old. The city has seen battles. love stories, mixture of religions and all of this is carve on its famous monuments. Every local is proud of his history which has Maharajas, Forts, Dance, Food and lot more. So for a backpacker planning to visit Jaipur must read more about Jaipur culture to properly understand its rich culture. So have a visit to the City Palace to explore details.

2.Spicy Food

My 1st trip to Jaipur was quite tough to my belly as the local food is really spicy. What’s the reason behind spicy food in Jaipur? The desert. As Jaipur wasn’t naturally green and the royal families of Jaipur constructed many dams to bring water. So there is quite some importance on water harvesting in Rajasthan and it might be possible that one can get advice from some aged person that don’t waste water son. On of my favourite find in Jaipur is “Laal Maas” {Red meat} and “Ghewar” {sweet dish}. Spicy & sweet. That’s Jaipur.

3.Elephants Not Camels

Tripadvisor recently ranked a small village on the outskirts of Jaipur as the number 1 place to explore in Jaipur. Some locals sort out a nice ides to dug huge holes, fill it with water and welcomed tourists to have a ride on elephant back. The fun part is that these elephants will jump into the artificial lake and 95% of their body will be under water. Simple amazing. No doubt this elephant village is the best tourist attraction in Jaipur.

4.The Jaivana Cannon

In 17th century the Royalty of Jaipur were in war with Mughals and some neighbouring cities. So the Maharaja of Jaipur though of building a cannon which will destroy a whole battalion with one single shot. In 1720 a huge cannon came to existence and the name is Jaivana. The cannon has the strength to carry 100 Kilograms of gun powder and firing range of 35-40 Kms. Today this Cannon is in Jaigarh Fort and tourists can view it.

5.The Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon ride is really catching up in every city of Rajasthan and just a few months back it started in Jaipur too. Amer fort is the most popular tourist destination in Jaipur and some firm from Delhi/ NCR started Hot air balloon ride over Amer fort. The ride is for 1/2 hours and cost something around 7500 Indian currency. I explore Amer from air and it was amazing. So you should try it out too.

6.The Boat Ride In Man Sagar Lake

On Amer Road the most important tourist attraction in Jal Mahal. But most travellers just capture some pictures of this beautiful monument and heads away. But some locals, along with government support has started special designed boats which offers 30 minutes boat ride close to the Jal Mahal structure. So if Jal Mahal is in your travelling list then do go for the boat ride, nit just some pics from the road.

7.Trip To Neighbouring Cities

Jaipur offer a lot to explore like huge forts, beautiful palaces, amazing hotels like Raj Place and Hotel Malak Mahal which is mine & a good budget hotels in Jaipur. But you should visit the neighbouring cities of Kalwar, Kukas and Jamwa Ramgarh. These 3 cities are like 20-40 Kms from Jaipur and offers 3 of the most amazing places, museum and Ramgarh even has a tiger century. Not many traveller know about these cities and thus they don’t visit them. My advice will be to lend 2 days for these 3 awesome destinations if you are travelling Jaipur.

8.Finally, Learn Yoga

Everyone knows that Yoga originated in India but exactly from which part? Many says that its Kerala but we Jaipur dudes believe that its Jaipur and Kukas. Well there is no offical record that Yoga originated from Rajasthan but instead of fighting to win a war between Jaipur and Kerala I would suggest that one should learn some Yoga asana while you are in Jaipur.

Deepak Patel
Hi, I am Deepak Patel, An Indian travel blogger. Like the name of my blog, I always seek for some thrilling travel experienced, especially in undiscovered places of India. My objective is to show you all the real ancient India which possess lots of historical wealth that we should know about. Whatever, I achieved through my travels, I share with my readers to let them have a better knowledge about the real, untouched natural and historical beauty of the my land India.