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Hi! This is Deepak Patel, the face behind Travel N Thrill blog. Welcome to my first post exploring a historical monument from Delhi. The Old Fort, better known as Purana Qila is one of the many heritage tourism destinations that belong to the capital city, Delhi.

Though I hadn’t actually planned a visit to the Old Fort, I just couldn’t resist entering the place when I came across it on my way. All thanks to my passion for exploring historical sites that tempts me not to miss any chance of visiting such places. As I found the Old Fort on my way, I decided to enter the site, explore its wonderful architecture and take a few snaps to share with all of you! Click here to check images.

History Of Purana Qila Delhi

Built by the Sher Shah Suri, the Old Fort holds to be one of the oldest forts of India. However, the work of its construction was started by Humayun and later completed by Sher Shah Suri. This riverside stone fortress with ramparts consists of three gates, one of which is the Mughal style Humayan Gate. It also hosts a mosque from the 16th century. It is a good place to visit to experience the charm of ancient ruins. The fort also allows you to witness an impressive sound and light show every evening.

old fort delhi

Though the Old Fort is one of the many historical sites that I have been to, it couldn’t really grab much of my attention. The reason being: many areas here are restricted from public entrance. The fort is a cluster of small sized buildings within, many of which you are not allowed to enter. In such a scenario, all that you can enjoy is the beautiful artwork on the walls and dome at the Old Fort.

The Delhi Zoo adjoins this historical fort. Also there is a small lake that facilitates boating activities. You can enjoy indulging into boating with family and friends nearby the fort.

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