Shilong Scotland Of The East

Shillong is the beautiful capital of Meghalaya marks to be one of the most sought for destinations of the North East. Shillong boasts of being blessed with a picturesque landscape and an astounding array of enthralling waterfalls, the majestic mountain peaks, crystal clear blue water lakes, breathtakingly amazing golf courses, historical museums and an exotic variety of flora and fauna.

The thirst for natural spell bounding beauty is most likely to end at this princely estate. Shillong is a major hub of tourists with both domestic as well as international travelers who enjoy a peaceful stay in the pretty charming cottages spotted along its streets. These picturesque cottages remind of the by gone British era when Shillong used to be the summer capital of Assam (before the division of Assam and Meghalaya territories).

Scotland Of The East

Imposed at an altitude of about 1,496m above the sea level, this scenic capital city Shillong is said to have received its name from the deity Shillong. Most of the ancient monuments and architecture present here reflect the styles of the European settlers of Scotland in their architecture and style. Shillong Known for its vernacular Architecture, It has Assam style houses and design with slanting roofs to deal with the rains here, large windows and artistic wooden floors. This is the reason why this beautiful estate has also been titled as the ‘Scotland of the East’. Tourists find it a very amazing place festooned with stunning parks, lakes and lush forests to explore in the company of their loved ones.

Natural Beauty And Pleasant Weather

The scenic Shillong brings an extremely wonderful environment adorned with natural beauty and pleasant weather for all its tourists that enhances the pleasure of a holiday here. Shillong has a milder climate when compared to that of the tropical Indian states. This pleasant weather is all an outcome of the heaving pine covered hills which surround this capital of the land of clouds. Being a privileged tourist destination, it is an abode to a number of popular tourist attractions. The zoo, the Shillong park, several enchanting waterfalls appear welcoming. The Shillong peak, the highest point in this estate offers spectacular views of the Meghalaya capital from different angles.

Shillong In Rains

Born in the laps of nature, Shillong, the gateway to Meghalaya undoubtedly receives extremely heavy rainfalls during monsoon, which lasts longer than in the rest of India. Tourists find an umbrella a necessary item in their bag packs even before they plan to enter the city. Many people tend to avoid visiting the place during monsoons but, this is actually the time to see the real Shillong with waterfalls echoing in their full strength and an awesomely incomparable ambience. The city is famous for heavy rainfalls, caving, tallest waterfalls, beautiful landscapes and its amazing people and culture.

Education Hub

Apart from being an abode to several tourists from all across the globe, Shillong has also transformed itself into an education hub in the north east. It boasts of hosting several elite schools and colleges where many significant personalities have completed their education. The St. Edmund’s School, St.Anthony’s college and school, Loreto convent, NIFT, NEHU are a few important education centres present here. Shillong is also a home to the first IIM in the North East.

Art And Crafts

People, especially women love to shop some of the traditionally hand woven shawls while walking through the street markets of Shillong. Its cane works and handicraft stuff are some of the prime attraction factors that lure tourists to spend their pennies.

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