Top 5 Places to Visit in Dubai

If one were to name a tourist place that is fashionable, stylish, luxurious, and entertaining, which city would that be? A city where all these qualities come together. It is undoubtedly Dubai. It is one of the seven emirates in the UAE. In the present world, it has become one of the most coveted destinations visited by tourists and business magnates equally. It is inviting to any visitor to the city. The warmth is felt in all the amenities that this city lays down to make life easy. It exhibits modernity and progressiveness like no other place.

Dubai is a modern wonderland. It has numerous avenues for tourists on a holiday to make it worth the visit. The city has iconic structures that have broken many world records. The Burj Khalifa is one such skyscraper. There are others too such as the sail-shaped hotel Burj al Arab, the Atlantis, the Cayan Tower, and the Museum of the Future to name just a few. There are unmatched shopping experiences like never before for tourists who find peace in it. Dubai has every brand under the roof of the largest shopping mall namely the Dubai Mall. There are plenty of activities that can overwhelm tourists with their charm. Be it on the water, air or land. Where else can so much happen altogether?

Find here the list of the many more wonders that are packed in this Emirate in the UAE.

1. Ain Dubai

The latest addition to the list of records is the Ain Dubai. An observation wheel on the Blue waters overlooking the Palm Jumeriah. Perched at the height of 250 meters above ground, it is the tallest and the largest in the world. It gives way to an amazing panoramic view of the city skyline. The pods on the wheel are fully airconditioned for a comforting experience for the tourists. The wheel rotates slowly so that tourists can capture the views through pictures with the awesome Dubai skyline in the background. The Ain Dubai can be visited any time of the day and all through the night. It offers an amazing view of the landmark places in all hues of sunlight. At night, the glittering lights of the city with the lit-up iconic structures are simply picturesque.

2. Burj Khalifa

The record holder structure is nothing short of an engineering marvel. The Y-shaped building is the tallest self-standing tower in the world at 828 meters above the ground next to the Dubai Mall. Record-holder of sorts, the Burj Khalifa has the highest number of storeys, the highest occupied floor, the longest distance travelled by elevator and many more.

Book Burj Khalifa Tickets now and enjoy being at the highest observation viewpoint at 124th and 125th levels rightly named ‘At the Top’. One more observation deck is located at the 148th level at 555 meters above. As one stares down from a high vantage point, the city looks like a miniature model. At the 152nd, 153rd and 154th levels the Burj Khalifa has the highest lounge where tourists can experience great luxury. That is not all. At the observation decks of Burj Khalifa, there are powerful telescopes that allow visitors to spot other noted landmarks all around the city.

3. Museum of the Future

An eye-catching architecture among the tall skyscrapers, the Museum of the Future is one such great design that leaves tourists awe-struck. The exterior of this museum is with Arabic calligraphy. It has seven floors that showcase the challenges that our future world would face. Venture into these galleries to delve into the future of design, technological progress and innovations of the next level. There are AI-supported galleries that take visitors to the future into the year 2071. Visit the DNA library and digital Amazon to see the transformation that will affect living creatures due to climate change factors. The kids’ zone named Heroes of the future is interesting. Here the little ones can become creative builders and problem-solvers and engage in building and puzzle-solving activities.

4. Museum of Illusions

A wonderful experience awaits tourists at the Museum of Illusions in Dubai. Figure out how the mind is tricked into visual illusions of numerous kinds. Enter the infinity room to see yourself everywhere. The mirrors here at all corners give an elusive idea of space. In the Anti-gravity, room one can lean over but still not fall. In the rotated room see the world turned upside down. Walk with great difficulty in the Vortex tunnel despite the surface being flat! All this and more can be experienced at this mind-boggling museum. Do not be scared to find yourself cut in half! There are 60 such visual illusions created to keep visitors thoroughly engaged. Learn some tricks of these optical illusions and solve tricky puzzles and games. A total family entertainment place.

5. Dubai Dolphinarium

Get close to the dolphins and seals at this facility retreat for the tourists at the Dubai Dolphinarium. The place is a family outing for an entire day with lots of action-packed with the lovely mammals. They swirl around in the water splashing it around, dancing and moving to the tunes playing with balls. Tourists can choose to swim with the dolphins under the cautious watch of their handlers. When clubbed with a live entertainment show becomes an absolute winner. In these live shows, the dolphins and seals show off their skills through stunts and wind hearts. The Dolphinarium is the largest indoor habitat created to take care of these wonderful sea creatures. There is more to see when the birds venture out to showcase their stunts and skills. The experience here is simply amazing.

The great number of innovations has made Dubai a brand in itself. There is no doubt that a dynamic environment exists here. Dubai looks forward to progression as time flies by. The more you see around this amazing city, the more you feel excited to revisit. You never know the next innovation level Dubai will embark upon to fascinate you the next time you visit it.

Deepak Patel
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