Things to See in Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai is a city that has always surprised and astonished its visitors with its unique attractions and constructions, and it continues to do so. One of the top things that you would not expect to see in a desert city is the Dubai Miracle Garden. Spread around an area of 18 acres, the Dubai Miracle Garden is known to be the largest natural flower garden in the world. This garden is a seasonal attraction that is open from November to May, i.e. during the cooler months of the year in Dubai. Here we will take a look at the top things to see in Dubai Miracle Garden this season.

Best Things to See in Dubai Miracle Garden

Home to more than 50 million flowers and 250 million plants, the Dubai Miracle is truly beautiful. But what attracts people to this flower garden is not just the variety of flowers you see here but the way they have been arranged. While there are several permanent displays in the garden, you would get to see something new, unique, and interesting every year at the Dubai Miracle Garden. Here are some of the top things that you would get to see inside the Dubai Miracle Garden this season (2021-22).

1. Smurfs Village

The newest addition in the garden, the Smurfs Village is an attraction that visitors would get to see for the first time at the Dubai Miracle Garden this year. Inspired by the movie and television franchise Smurfs, the Smurfs Village would be endowed with mushroom-shaped houses and their favorite blue-colored characters. Apart from strolling along the village, you would also get to admire the Smurf Topiaries. Kids would have a great time at the Smurf Activity Area.

2. 3D Floral Design

The 3D floral designs are the true testament of the creativity of the creators of this garden. The 3D floral structures you would find here are truly awe-inspiring. Right from floral mushrooms to humanoid ants with little flowers on their backs, there are several beautiful structures here. Floral swans, peacocks, castles, trains, vintage cars, etc. are some of the structures that you would be able to see here.

3. Hill Top

The Hill Top is a slightly raised area of the park that is covered with different varieties and colors of flowers. Inspired to look like a valley of flowers, it is truly delightful to spend some time amidst this beautiful wonder. You can also take this opportunity to pause your tour of the garden and enjoy a cup of coffee or ice cream at the coffee shops or ice cream bar located here. Moreover, it is a great place to click some gorgeous photos.
Floral Clock: One of the most unique things you would see here is the Floral Clock. Measuring 15 meters high, this clock is made of beautiful flowers and plants, just as its name suggests. However, the Floral Clock is not just a good-looking exhibit of the park. On the other hand, it actually tells time. Yes, the Floral Clock is designed in a way that you can actually know the time while looking at it.

4. Floating Lady

The Floating Lady is another truly inspiring structure of the Dubai Miracle Garden. Lying in a horizontal position, this sculpture defies the force of gravitation as she is seen floating high above the ground. Moreover, her long hair dangling over to the ground makes this sculpture truly ethereal. However, its main highlight is its beautiful dress that is covered with white and red petunias.

5. Disney Avenue

Do you know that the Dubai Miracle Garden has a Disney Avenue, where you would get to meet the floral structures of your favorite Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, etc. However, the highlight of this zone is the 18-meter-tall floral structure of Mickey Mouse, which has earned the Guinness World Record for the tallest topiary.

6. Sunflower Field

As the name suggests, the Sunflower Field is a piece of land that is filled with the bright sunflowers. And there are hundreds of sunflowers in the field to brighten your day. Apart from taking pictures of this beautiful field, you also get to take photos of you and your family against this beautiful background of yellow sunshine.

7. Emirates A380

One of the most popular attractions of the Dubai Miracle Garden, the Emirates A380 is a life-size floral model of the Emirates A380, one of the super jumbo jets in the world. Located at the center of this garden, the Emirates A380 is the largest floral installation in the world. Covered with more than 500,000 flowers and living plants, it took more than 200 days and 200 workers to create this enormous floral airplane. The Emirates A380 floral structure was inaugurated four years ago and is still a favorite amongst visitors.

8. Umbrella Tunnel

The Dubai Miracle Garden is home to several beautiful passages but a favorite amongst many is the umbrella tunnel. Covered with numerous colorful umbrellas, this tunnel is not only a great place to take some amazing photos but also a spot that would give you some respite from the heat of the city. There is also a space with an upside-down umbrella roof, where you can relax and enjoy some food and beverages.

9. Floral Castle

As the name suggests, the floral castle is a castle that is completely made of flowers. Apart from admiring this gorgeous castle from outside, you can also take this chance to visit the interiors of this structure. Here you would find dining and sitting facilities, from where you can enjoy a delicious meal while admiring the surroundings.

10. Teddy Bear

A huge teddy holding a heart is a soft toy that almost all kids love and admire. But you would have never seen a floral replica of the same. Measuring 12-meters in height, the floral Teddy Bear is a covered with plants as well as red, white, and yellow flowers. It is not just a sight to see and admire but something you must capture in your cameras too.

Apart from the floral exhibitions, the Dubai Miracle Garden also hosts some entertainment programs, the Flower Parade being the best amongst them. There are also some retail stores and markets here where you can indulge in some shopping. Another thing that you should not miss when at the Dubai Miracle Garden is the Dubai Butterfly Garden. This indoor butterfly sanctuary is an all-year-long garden that is home to 26 varieties of butterflies.

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