There is a reason that Wayanad is an ultimate destination. The district offers too great tourism though it’s still unheard to many. Wayanad is a new district. Before it use to come under the Kanoor district but in 1980 Wayanad was declared a separate district and thus its story starts from the 1980’s. Hidden away from the rest of the world, Wayanad is a lush green tropical rainforest and is the only region in Kerala which is been able to maintain its biodiversity.

Wayanad The Ultimate Destination

Now the real question is that why a traveler should visit Wayanad? Kerala is full of amazing places like Munnar, Kovalam etc. Well, there are many reasons. First I have already mentioned that Wayanad is the only destination which hasn’t been torn away with huge numbers of hotels & resorts. Second, tourist spots like Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Begur Wildlife Sanctuary, and Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary are still some of the unseen wildlife sanctuaries in India. These sanctuaries are very dense and filled with elephants, monkeys, deer and a large variety of birds which you might have only seen in books. As per the locals, these places have very low human interference and it could be a bit dangerous to stay here in the night time.

Apart from wildlife sanctuaries, Wayanad is full with tourist places like Chembra Peak, Lakkidi View Point, Soochippara Falls, Kanthanpara Waterfall, Edakkal Caves and a dozen more. But I would like to tell you about the Coffee, tea and spice plantations, which no doubt are amazing and are the main source of Income for the locals. A major portion of Wayanad is covered by coffee, along with other spices. But with the high decline in coffee plantation many coffee field owners have transformed their farms as Coffee plantation resorts & homestay. Though Coorg has the highest number of Coffee plantation resorts in India but Wayanad is giving a tough competition to them. So if you are in Wayanad, do stay in a homestay or resort situated in lovely coffee farms.

Another place which you must see in Wayanad is the Vythiri. Vythiri is a small village in the Wayanad district. The village is beautiful and has all those things which will make you say WOW. Vythri is also called as a resort town as the village has many beautiful resorts offering tree houses to families & honeymoon couples. Vythiri is famous for trekking & adventurous activities. If you are looking for adventure, then do visit Kabini River, which is a famous river rafting and Chembra Peak, a famous mountaineering endeavor.

Other famous destinations in Vythri are the Edakkal Caves, famous for their natural paintings that are like 3000 to 7000 year old, temples of Dakshin Kashi & Thirunelli and green lush farms of Crops like tea, coffee, rubber and spices which grow abundantly in Vythiri.

So in my list of top ultimate destinations in the world, Wayanad has a special place. If you are planning to visit Wayanad, then consider the months of October to mid-May and moreover if you wanted to experience more about the destination choose right Kerala Tour Packages which can bring more fun into your trip.

Deepak Patel
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