Travel tips to India

The nation of India is one of the most culturally diverse places on planet Earth. It is the perfect blend of modern metros, as well as ancient rituals. This unique country has a landmass of over 1.2 million square miles which means that there is so much for you to do when you embark on a trip to India.

Apart from the major tourist attractions like the Taj Mahal and River Ganges or the wild tigers, UNESCO-preserved caves, and other archaeological sites, here are 4 amazing ways to explore India and enjoy your tour to the fullest.

1. Explore Kerala’s Beaches & Backwaters

There is one reason that Kerala is known all over the world as God’s Own Country. This is all down to how lush the tropical state is together with the magnificent national treasures and rich culture that it possesses. If you’re looking to enjoy a fabulous tour of India, Kerala is where you want to start. Think of it as a soft landing to ease you into all that India has to offer.

Many tourists who are on vacation to India find Kerala very exciting. Apart from the ayurvedic resorts, the hill stations, as well as the plantations, what really attracts people is its fascinating backwaters and the beaches that are lined with palm. Throughout the coastal state’s length, you will find fantastic beaches and places like Marari and Varkala which bring a lot of travelers that want to rest and relax. Ensure to make use of a houseboat to get to the backwaters

2. Explore The Gaming World

India has a rapidly growing online gaming community. This is a community you want to connect with while vacationing in this serene abode. There are many popular games in different genres such as role-playing games, the rummy game, and all kinds of online games.

Do not forget to visit the casinos and hope that the god of luck smiles on you. There are lots of games to explore at the local Indian casinos. However, what is even more exciting is that you can conveniently access online casinos to test your gambling wits.

One of the favorite online casino games is Blackjack that is offered by the Comeon! casino. Blackjack gives you an opportunity to gamble online and get some reward in cash. Yes, it’s that simple. This is a fantastic card game and is very popular all around India. If you are a beginner to the world of online casinos, blackjack is a good online game to start with.

3. Go to the Hill Stations

The period between May and August are very hot in India. But this is the best time to explore the hill stations. The origins of the hill stations go back to the British colonial era where they served as heat refuge. Many of these stations have an altitude of over 3,000 feet and can go as high as 7,500 feet.

In modern times, the hill stations have a kind of charm and are full of activity. Many Indian families love to come here as one of their holiday getaway points. India has many of these hill stations but you will find the renowned ones in Rishikesh, Nainital, Manali, Shimla, etc. Don’t forget to also check out the toy trains that you can use to get there. Although the ride may not be too fast, you can enjoy the scenery that the mountains give you, making your ride a journey one.

4. Cook Indian Food

Learning more about the food culture in India is another great idea. There are lots of cooking classes offered in India for tourists. Whether you are a foodie or just want to breeze through the cooking culture, you’ll find classes that match your interests. Beginners can go for single-day classes but you can also access extended programs for people that want to dive deeper into the culinary culture.

These are just some of the top ways to bring life and fun into your trip to India. Remember, explore Kerala, don’t forget to check out the online casinos, visit the hill stations, and delve into the world of Indian culinary.

Deepak Patel
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