Aghori Fort

Agori is the fort of Aghori since ancient time as I heard from the locals. The forts has a temple of Goddess Kali and its religious workship place for Aghori’s. Agori Fort is built on the small mountain and surrounded by three river Bijul, Son, Rihand and deep trench all around it. Once you reached to Agori Fort you will experience you will experience a good sightseeing and natural beauty and the most important there is so peaceful. If you are historical lovers you will feel like you are in the ancient time.

My town is small and its name is Chopan, a historical place always fascinates me so that I decided to explore Agori Fort near to my home.

I want to bring this destination with World because this describes Incredible India and I want to promote such tourist destination whose existence is in danger.

History of Agori Fort Sonbhadra

This fort is located at River Son, Bank and it is just 8 Km far from my town. You can reach this destination in 20 min. I don’t know about the fact and story behind this fort. All buildings have been spoiled because it the skeleton remains.

This fort comprises myths like every Indian site. However, I don’t know up to what extent it is true? There is an underground passage leads to the ton of minerals treasure packed with hidden gold and much more.

This heritage site is constructed over small mountains. The whole area of Agori Fort is covered  with the plateau. There is no restriction for doing anything so this can be one perfect destination that wants to make the picnic and spent some time in this small forest.

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