Bada Bagh

Jaisalmer is a reservoir and treasure of historical monuments and tourist destinations. Rajput kings had built numerous of monuments which are souvenir reminiscence of the kingdom of Rajputs. Among these monuments, a commemoration is going to ascertain in this blog which has cenotaphs of Rajput kings of 6 centuries.

Illustration Of Bada Bagh

Bada Bagh is precisely called ‘Big Garden’ which shows the dignity of Rajput kings of Rajasthan. It is localized about 6km off from Jaisalmer. It was accredited by Maharawal Jai Singh in the 16th century and later Bada Bagh was fully effectuated by his son Lunakaran after the death of Jai Singh.

Bada Bgh has three spots which attract a lot of tourists that are a Dam, a Garden and a Tank. The Dam is also called Jait Bandh which is about 1200 feet in length and 350 feet I width. Both of them are manufactured from solid blocks of stone which give Dam and Tank a diligent look of ancient times. In the premises of Bada Bagh, Goverdhan pillar is also situated which memorialize the conception of Dam and the Tank. Bada Bagh is famous for cenotaphs (Chhatris) which were commissioned by Rajput kings one after another. The oldest cenotaph is of Maharawal Jait Singh whose governance in (1470-1506).

Apprehension For The Foundation Of Bada Bagh

The foundation of Bada Bagh was commissioned by Maharawal Jait Singh, in the 16th century during his reign. He consigns a Dam to compose a water tank. After his death, his son Lunakaran assembled a garden next to the lake, and a cenotaph (called chhatris ) in memory of his father. Later, too many cenotaphs were build up by generations of Lunakaran and Bhatti Rajput kings. There are many beautiful cenotaphs with dreadful architectural monuments which reflect pride and glory of Rajput Kings. Each cenotaph has been elevated for each ruler. This legacy was got over in 1947 when one of the princes died of a mysterious disease.

Catch Sights Of Attractions

In Jaisalmer, there are many excursions for tourists to have a look for all destinations which comes you to know the eminence of Rajasthan.

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Attractions of Jaisalmer are Desert cultural center, Jain temples, Jaisalmer Fort, Tazia tower, Gadsisar Lake.

Havelis of Jaisalmer is Nathmal Ji ki Haveli, Salim Ji ki Haveli, Patwon ki Haveli.

Where To Reside To Enjoy Your Trip ?

‘Where to Stay’ it is a matter of botheration everywhere on a trip but in Jaisalmer thus problem is negotiable as it has many hotels, motels, and resorts to stay there from deluxe to five-star facilities in all hotels. Many inns, guest houses are also available. It is at your ease for booking in hotels by the internet, as many websites are available for online booking facilities. Hotels which are always the first choice for tourists, some of them are Hotel Jaisalmer Palace, Heritage Inn, Hotel rang Mahal, Hotel Akashdeep, Hotel Star Haveli, Narayan Niwas Palace and much more with a perfect look of Rajasthani tradition and will provide you a lot of comforts.

Information To Visit Bada Bagh

Indians- 20INR
Foreigners- 50INR

Duration to visit Bada Bagh: around 1hr and 45 minutes

Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM

A trip to Bada Bagh will surely make you proud of Indian Heritage. Our historians left many viewable monoliths to visit and experience our rich heritage.

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