Changu Lake Sikkim

Changu Lake in Sikkim is situated at a height above sea level of 3,780 m (12,400 ft) on Gangtok Nathu La Pass highway, this tranquil lake is a must on all visitors’ journey. A slanting road transient through rocky mountain landscape and pointed cliffs reach to this 1 km. Long, oval-shaped which is about 15 meters deep. The lake is considered sacred by the local people. A tiny temple of the Lord Shiva is too there on the lakeside.

This lake is also called Tsomgo Lake.

Changu (Tsomgo) Lake at a Glance

The lake acquires its water from the melting snows of the nearby mountains and remains frozen for the duration of the winter months. Between May and August, a selection of mountain flowers is in their full blossom. The rhododendrons, different species of primulas, blue and yellow poppies and irises make an uprising of colours around the lake. The area around the lake is the perfect habitation for the red panda and a variety of species of birds. The lake also offers residence to brahminy ducks.

Story Behind Changu Lake

Tsomgo / Changu Lake is well-regarded by the Sikkimese as holy and numerous myths and legends are connected with it. It is said that in aged times Buddhist monks used to predict the future by studying the colour of the water of the lake. The lake is particularly important for the Jhakris, the faith healers, of Sikkim. They meet together here once a year on Guru Purnima from all over the state to offer prayers.

Live Changu Lake Temperature – Weather Forecast

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January to mid-March

During winters weather in Changu Lake goes down upto -20° c and the area is totally covered with snow and you can get the pleasure of trekking, Yak ride on snow along the coasts of the lake.

April to July

In summers, you can observe a fine blossom of flowers.

October to December

Changu Lake is partially covered in sheet ice and wandering birds can be seen waddling in the lake’s water.

So it’s always remained beautiful throughout the year. You can visit any time of the year, depending on what kind of travelling you prefers.

Snowfall Rides at Changu Lake Glaciers

Rides on colorfully adorned yaks and mules are presented at the lake site. There are lots of eating stalls serving a variety of snacks and beverages. Snow boots and gumboots are offered here on rent. On the whole, a visit to the lake is a superb day trip for the tourists as well as locals.

This oval-shaped deep blue lake is a treat to the eye from a distance. You would get the finest panoramic outlook of the lake after the passage on the way to New Baba Mandir.

A small bridge just at the doorway of the lake will take you to a standpoint cum cafeteria, from where you can see and enjoy the full lake and its close mountains. You can trek along the lakeside in deep snow during winter. There is a little rustic market before incoming the Changu Lake which sells yak cheese, trinkets and local curios to the tourists.

Best Time To Visit Changu Lake (Tsomgo)

Changu lake Sikkim is the best place to spend your summer & winter vacations and cherish the moments with your beloved and family! So, what are you waiting for book flights tickets and pack your luggage bags to discover the Northern India beautiful destination.

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