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Owning a private jet is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It gives me a greater amount of freedom when it comes to traveling and also provides a fine level of luxury. I would highly recommend that everyone purchase or rent a private jet if they have the means, be it through Jettly or any other service out there. However, despite the many benefits of them, a plane will always have a number of hazards to be aware of. I always take several precautions when flying in order to stay as safe as I can. By being aware of these, I hope that readers will do the same.

Hiring A Reliable Pilot

I am not qualified to fly the plane myself. Instead I sit back and relax as my hired pilot does all of the flying. It is vital that I find someone reliable with a great amount of experience. Private jets are different in several ways to other air vehicles. The pilot should know what these are in order to do their job effectively. Aside from their experience and skills I require my pilots to give certain time commitments. This involves being available to fly when I need them.

Being Aware Of Weather Conditions

Private jets are much smaller than commercial aircraft. This makes them particularly vulnerable to high turbulence. In fact, their lightweight nature makes private jets significantly more dangerous to travel in than cars. This does not put me off flying however. I just need to be aware of what the weather conditions will be. I will sometimes even cancel my trip if the risks are too high. This is where a reliable pilot also comes in handy. I will discuss the viability of the flight with them. This helps me to make the decision of whether or not to go ahead.

Staying Out Of Restricted Airspace

Amateur pilots who have access to a private jet should know the airspace they are permitted to fly in. If they deviate from their flight path it could cause a collision with other aircraft. I do not have this issue as I hire expert pilots. People who want to fly their plane themselves will only be able to do so in the right airspace. Hopefully readers will already know this but I thought it would be prudent to make sure.

Avoiding Alcohol Intoxication

I will sometimes have a couple of drinks while flying in order to make the flight more fun. Since the plane is mine I am able to stock as much or as little alcoholic beverages as I want. However, I always make sure I only drink in moderation. Being inebriated on an aircraft can be dangerous. For example, I could end up passing out without my seatbelt on or I may end up falling over. It is important to never overdo it when drinking alcohol inside a private jet. It is also a good idea to have water available on board.

Keeping My Seatbelt On

On commercial planes there are light up signs and cabin crew to inform passengers when to put their seatbelts on. This may not always be the case for smaller jets. I have my own system where the captain tells me through a loudspeaker when it is safe to walk around the cabin. I keep my seatbelt on unless I am told. Without this system in place I could stand up at the wrong moment and get injured.

Taking Covid-19 Precautions

The recent global pandemic has seriously affected air travel. I need to have robust precautions in place to prevent myself and the plane staff from contracting covid-19. Maintaining social distancing and having a safe air filtration system are important. So too is limiting the amount of other passengers. In the past I would take private jet flights with friends and business associates. This is no longer possible. Instead my focus is on getting from A to B in as safe a manner as possible.

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