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Being one of the most exquisite cities on the map of India, the Gwalior city forms a major part of Madhya Pradesh tourism. The city to have been founded by chieftain Surajpal in honor and remembrance of a saint named Gwalipa who had cured him. The Gwalior city has been dotted by a number of tourist fascinations all around for you to visit and remember lifelong.

A travel to this beautiful city is indeed an enjoyable experience for all those who visit since the city brings something or the other for people with different tastes and age. You are likely to come across everything varying from the ancient edifices to the modern high tech houses.

Perched on an isolated piece of huge rock, the Gwalior Fort is known for its medieval times architecture and for the fact that it is the best spot to get amazing view of the entire Gwalior town. Built in the 8th century, this fort witnessed the rule of various dynasties and is a home to several historical structures including Man Mandir, Gujari Mahal cum museum and Teli ka Mandir.

The fort is enclosed by beautiful sandstone walls and abodes several water tanks. The southern part of the fort is special because of the nostalgic carvings of the Jain tirthankars that have been carved on its rock faces. Built by Rja Man Singh for his wife Mrignayani, Gujari Mahal is a palace in the fort that has now been transformed into a museum called the Central Archaeological Museum. This palace was built on the special request of the queen in the 15th century near the Rai River. It boasts of housing 28 galleries and around 6,000 artefacts. You can get to see antiques belonging to the period of the 2nd century.

Built before 1516, Man Mandir palace is a reflection of Man Singh Tomar’s aesthetic sensibilities. It is also titled as the Palace of Paintings and attracts many travelers for its exclusive range of tiled and painted peacock decors. You will witness the real use of colour, motif and design in the delicate artistry of this palace.

The city also hosts the Memorial of Tansen, one of the popularly famed nine gems from the court of Akbar. It is a white, little tomb built adjacent to the tomb of Ghaus in the memory of the famed musician Tansen. This place hosts an annual Tansen Sangeet Samaroh each year that gives an opportunity to experience the rich heritage of classical music.

Surya Mandir built by G.D. Birla is another important fascination for all tourists. It is an exact replica of the famed Sun Temple at Konark, Orissa that suggests you can enjoy the Orrissan pleasure in the town of Gwalior itself.

There is more to the city and it is therefore, worth your visit!

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