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About The Nawalgarh Rajasthan

Nawalgarh in Rajasthan is basically a small region set up around the circle of a fort – the Nawalgarh Fort. Built in the 18th century, this fort has been named after the Rajput Nawal Singh who built it. This splendid fort is the major center of attraction for one and all, especially because it boasts of a number of havelis with gorgeous architecture along with a good share of engaging frescoes in the region.

Architecture & Design

The Nawalgarh Fort is harmonious blend of Rajput and European architecture splendor is a treat for all that stands out in Nawalgarh. Along with its beautiful architecture, Nawalgarh also hosts vast rolling farms, splendid trees, beautifully landscaped lawns, amazingly luxurious resorts with top class facilities and much more.

Being a guest to Nawalgarh, you can experience the fascination of the past times that gives you an insight into the royal and splendid Rajasthan charm. Nawalgarh falls in the Shekhawati region possessing the greatest number of elegantly painted Shekhawati havelis that are grand and exquisitely charming. This region has now gained the title of an ‘Open Air Gallery’ since it shares a lot about the ancient Shekhawati heritage and culture. The region hosts a large share of wonderful haveli murals and frescoes that attract most of the tourists visiting the place.

Roop Niwas Kothi

A visit to Nawalgarh can never be complete without paying a visit to the Roop Niwas Palace. Located in the outskirt of the Nawalgarh region, this was once the reputed residence of the Thakurs and has now been transformed into a heritage hotel that itself makes it one of the most sought for tourist attractions at Nawalgarh. You will be mesmerized by its vast well laid gardens and beautiful fountains that beautify the surroundings of the palace.

Aath Havelis

The Aath Havelis are a cluster of eight beautifully adorned havelis set on the west side of the fort. These display an array of frescoes and murals that reflect the transition in the style of traditional paintings during the era of European influence on this region. Many of these paintings have also been distorted by adding an itch of modern art but most of these splendid works of art have still been conserved. These preserved traditional paintings from that era are precious treasures speaking the tales of rich heritage of those times. These Aath Havelis include the Muraraka Haveli, Morarka Haveli and the Hem Raj Kulwal Haveli to name a few.

What We Have For Shopping At Nawalgarh Fort?

For all discerning shoppers, Nawalgarh makes shopping for your loved ones a delightful experience. The place has a rich tradition of paintings. Also, the colourful local bazaar is teemed with a lot of shops that allow you to get some of the most interesting souvenirs and knickknacks. It is also a good place to purchase showpieces developed by the talented local artisans for decorating the interiors of your homes or to gift pack a masterpiece for your friends and relatives.

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