A trip to North-eastern India is fragmented without a visit to the beautiful capital city of Mizoram, Aizawl. To encounter the wealthy tribal culture and dynamic pith of Northeast, you must visit Aizawl – The Domestic of the Highlanders. The intriguing magnificence and excessive climate of the city not as it were appeals individuals from India but from around the world. Standing tall on the east by the sylvan valley of the Stream Tlawng, a trip to the put takes you absent from that contaminated and nettlesome city life. In spite of the fact that the city appreciates a merry climate, make beyond any doubt to visit the put amid the foremost pleasant season when the city is at its picturesque best.

To know the best time to visit Aizawl, go through the composing below.

When to Go To Aizawl


Due to its vital position and near nearness to the Himalayan extend, Aizawl basically encounters a sub-tropical climate. Like most other parts in India, Aizawl as well witnesses three major seasons, specifically summer, winter and rainstorm. In any case, being a slope station, the summers here are as a rule cool with the mercury level never surpassing past 300C. Winters, amplifying from November to February, are cold and amazingly foggy with temperatures wavering between 11C to 21C.

Best Time to Discover Aizawl

Although there’s no specific time to investigate the excellence of Aizawl, the city looks greatly flawless and inviting from November to March, when the temperature is direct and charming. What’s more, winter is the most excellent time to appreciate the territorial merriments and dig profound into the wealthy culture of the state. The Pawl Kut celebrated amid December of January is other famous celebration of the locale, which is celebrated with incredible vigour. To appreciate the colourful culture coupled with appealing climate, do visit Aizawl anytime between November to March.

Things to Do in Aizwal

The rich embroidered artwork of sylvan valleys, picturesque slopes and spilling lakes makes Aizawl a idealize nature retreat. Separated from its lovely farmland and other picturesque splendours, this tribal city offers a host of other attractions like extravagant food, salubrious climate and fun-filled celebrations that creates the city come lively. To savour genuine Mizoram, do pay a visit to Mizoram State Museum which is chockfull of antiquated relics and ravishing works of art.

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