Places To Visit In Aizawl

Lying at a tallness of 1132m above sea level, Aizawl is an attractive city and the capital of the state of Mizoram in North East India. Essentially overwhelmed by the Mizo Tribe, Aizawl and its encompassing areas are lush with rolling slopes and plenteous greenery as well as the most beautiful places to visit in Aizawl. The city, in conjunction with the larger part of the state is known for its agrarian deliver and ethnic painstaking work and attire. Aizawl is well connected through streets and discuss network to other major centre points of northeast India such as Silchar and Guwahati in Assam.

1.Mizoram State Museum

Located right within the middle of the city, this exhibition hall shows the wealthy legacy of Mizoram.

2.Solomon’s Sanctuary, Aizawl

Located in Kidron Valley, this can be a grand sanctuary for the districts here in Aizawl.

3.KV Paradise

This could be a 3 storied catacomb built within the memory of Varte who kicked the bucket in a 2001 engine mischance.

4.Durtlang Road

Located on the northern side of Aizawl, the Durtlang Slopes may be a prevalent fascination which houses perspectives advertising all encompassing sees of the capital city.

5.Tam Dil

Tam Dil is arranged close Saitual Town, around 87.5 km from Aizawl. Having been created as a critical pisciculture middle by the Fisheries Division and a occasion resort by the Tourism Division, this is often one of the foremost frequented lakes within the state.

6.Vantawng Falls

Vantawng Drop is the most noteworthy and most fabulous of all the waterfalls and cascades within the quick streaming streams of Mizoram.

7.Reiek Legacy Mizo Village

Reiek, a Mizo Legacy Town, has been recognized as the Most excellent Tourism Town 2023 in Gold Category. Reiek is bounded by the appeal of the rising sun, calm trees, spellbinding streamlets and captivating cascades.

8.Pushpak Gurudwara

This Gurudwara was built by Border Streets Association who begun advancement of street organize beneath Venture Pushpak in 1967.

9.Aizwal Temple Corps, The Salvation Army

Famous for its chime chimes which can be listened over the city, the Salvation Armed force Sanctuary may be a popular tourist destination in Aizawl.

10.Khawhpawp Falls

Khawhpawp Waterfall may be a one of a kind waterfall located at Lawipu, 8 kms from Aizawl. The uniqueness of this falls is that the whole stream of water after two major cascades passes through shake gap and falls as a shower.

11.Berawtlang traveller centre

It could be a resort found edges of the city and is perfect for family excursions and facilitating capacities. Offices accessible are Multipurpose Corridor, Tradition Middle, Eatery, 6 nos of Bungalows, 18 nos of rooms and a 6 had relations with dormitory.

12.Folkland Park

Folkland could be a recreational amusement park born out of a crave and have to be make a secure and open environment where companions and family can come lock in in fun social intelligent, make recollections and investigate a run of energizing exercises in a secure, sound, and positive environment.

13.Sibuta Lung, Tachhip

Sibuta Lung is landmark sandstone build up at Tachhip town, which is 20 Km absent from Aizwal civic. Sibuta Lung was lifted through a Palian pioneer surmised 300 a long time back.

14.Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary

Khawnglung is almost 160 km from Aizawl. With sheer cliffs on all sides the mountain has continuously been a normal protect for man and creature for ages.

15.Mizoram Science Middle, Berawtlang

Mizoram Science Middle (MSC) was set up by NCSM and Govt.of Mizoram. It was opened on 26th July, 2003.

So, these are top most beautiful and eye-catching places which you must visit in Aizawl.

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