5 Things To Do In Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal, Tamil Naidu is counted among those delightful places which are considered as paradise on the earth. Lots of amazing sites for camping, wonderful waterfalls, numerous trails and routes and beautiful valleys attract adventure lovers to dive into the ocean of thrills. Apart from this, there is a lot to do for couples, shopping lovers and backpackers.

So here is the list of 5 things to do in kodaikanal in 2023

1. Shopping from Hill Station

Your trip to Kodaikanal cannot be considered successful until you shop the popular items of the place such as eucalyptus oil, clove, cardamom, Kodai chocolates, organic coffee and bakery items. There is a good variety of fashion jewelry, souvenirs and fabrics too in local market, you can even find the marketplace near hotels in Kodaikanal only so that you can visit the shopping site in spare time.

2. Enjoy the Sight of Kodai Lake

How can you miss the chance of watching spectacular beauty of the Kodai Lake? Located at the heart of the city, this amazing sightseeing place becomes a great tourist attraction in summer season. Surrounded with Palani Hills, the entire location becomes an amazing scenic beauty when flower shows and boat pageant take place here in summer. So don’t forget to hire a Shikara to sail around and enjoy the marvelous view.

3. Go for Couple Day Outing

Nothing can be a better lovers point than Kodaikanal for honeymoon sight seekers.

Although, there is no lack of good walkways and trails in the location to walk on still the Coaker’s walk is a preferable place for couples. Constructed along the mountain slope, the Coakers’s walk is a narrow path defining luxurious view of lakes, mountains and waterfall. Various viewpoints such as Pillar rocks, Madurai city, Pamber River Valley and Dolphin’s Nose are there to offer you the eternal and unforgettable view of the hill station.

Kodai Estate is alsoan outstanding getaway for couples there. You will love roaming in the forest of fruits and spice trees. Silver falls, Kovilaaru waterfalls, Saamal Kaadu and Whole Hills are some others places to enjoy the natural beauty.

4. Discover the Adventurer Within Yourself

Kodaikanal is a place where you cannot stop yourself from discovering the adventurer within you. There are serene waterfalls not only to watch, but also to feel the waterflow over your body and adore the nature’s touch. The Silver Cascade waterfall falls from 180 feet to the ground on which you can bath or swim in fresh water.

5. Camping and Farm stay

There are many luxury hotels in Kodaikanal situated near the camping sites and cinnabar farm where you can stay and relax on the lap of Mother Nature. The farm stay offers you many good chances of spending quality time with nature and observing plants closely.

Similarly you can allow the photographer inside you to show his/her creativity and capture various colors of nature. Take a night safari also to witness nightlife of Kodaikanal pine forests. You can spot a wild boar, bisons, porcupines and other animals if you are lucky enough.

So this is all you can do in Kodaikanal also known as “The paradise of the Earth”. Yes, you should seek the tickets now to plan your next vacation.

Deepak Patel
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