Mohenjo Daro shooting location

Do you know? Why Bollywood’s famous movie Mohenjo Daro shooting location is Bhedaghat? I was attr acted by seeing the natural beauty of the place in the first scene of the movie. And, I decided to find out the place where the movie shooting location is?

The movie has shot in Bhuj, Gujrat and Bhedaghat, a speculating waterfall location of Jabalpur, MP. Why Bhedaghat was the first preferred location for the Bollywood hit movie Mohenjo Daro? Let’s find out the five interesting facts about the Bhedaghat

Dhuandhar Waterfall

The major attraction of Bhedaghat is the Dhuandhar waterfall. It gives an amazing view as it looks like lots of smoke is coming out of the river. The milky white water falling from the height, making gigantic sounds, and showing lots of smoke ties visitor’s to see the location from a significant distance for hours. For the stream of water leaving lots of smoke, this place is called ‘dhuandhar’; ‘dhuan’ means smoke and ‘Dhar’ means ‘stream’.

Bandar Kudni

Bandar Kudni has an eye-catching mountain view. This place represents noteworthy mountains on both sides of the river. Showing their points so closer that monkeys can jump across them. That’s why this place has been named as Bandar Kudni. The structure of mountain makes them situated in a significant distance on foot but very closer at the top.

Marble Rocks

You will be surprised to know that rocks situated on the sides of the river Narmada are white marble rocks. An immense amount of marble rocks is available in this location. It has given rise to flourishing a business of marble items in Bhedaghat. Many big and small marble businessmen are making good money out of these rocks.

Excellent Shopping Destination

Beautiful waterfall, arrangements for boating through marble rocks, and pleasant natural views together made Bhedaghat a leading place of tourist interest in Jabalpur. That’s why the local market has been developed a lot to catch the attention of even foreign tourists. Beautiful marble items, handicraft bags, shell jewelry, marble toys, handwoven hats and marble made things give an inviting look to tourists for shopping.

Narmada Mahotsav

To compliment this beautiful creation of nature, an auspicious event is organized every year in Bhedaghat named as Narmada Mahotsav. This grand event involves the fabulous presentation of dance, drama, and music by famous personalities from Bollywood. The program is held on ‘Sharad Poornima’ i.e. on October. The presence of famous singers and artists on this occasion pulls a great crowd of the audience and people enjoy boating on the milky white water on this full moon night.

Now, you know much about the scenic beauty of Bhedaghat the shooting location of Movie Mohenjo Daro. The picturesque landscape of the river and waterfall makes this place interesting enough to catch the attention of film-makers to pick is as a shooting location. Apart from Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro movie in 2016, some scenes of Shahrukh’s film Ashoka were shot in Bhedaghat in 2001. Many other attractions in the place such as Saraswati Ghat, Panchwati, and Chausath Yogini Temple gives a good reason to visit Madhya Pradesh.

A good thing to know about Bhedaghat is that its natural beauty of this place is untouched and kept protected in its original state.

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