I am going to explore the beauty of an beautiful Italian city Lavasa. This is so popular tourist destination spot but it has many things to do in Lavasa. Before letting it explain lets know about the Lavasa city. This is first hill city developed by people (Lavasa Corporation) in India since Independence.

Lavasa tourism in itself a wonderful travel destination having Natural Landscape, Forest, Lake, Dams and constructed around 32 kilometers of area. The Lavasa city is situated on the outskirt of Pune a city in Maharastra, India. On the top it you will experience the blender of technologies cum nature how spontaneous it build across the mountain named Sahyadri. The area is fully green can fascinate people through its charming natural beauties.

Places To Visit In Lavasa City?

Apart viewing natural beauties you take an opportunity for water biking, adventures sport and make fun with your loving kids at Vortex Splash Pad. You can take enjoy the strolling at nursery.

What Is Good Time To Go There?

As, we know Pune a city on the bank of Indian Ocean, so about the weather has moderate temperature all across the year. So it’s all on your mood when to pack your bag and kick off your journey. But I think moving during rainy season for Lavasa city tour would add more fun to your trip because it is closely constructed with nature. It has forest and lakes which become more charming during rainy days.

How We Book An Accommodation? 

There are many online website from where you can easily book room / resorts and can look for the best deals available.

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