Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Although honeymoon trips carry a substantial amount of excitement, planning one can be awfully stressful. After making wedding preparations, a couple must invest some time in planning the perfect honeymoon. For a hassle-free holiday, one must ask a few basic questions before choosing a suitable destination. Let’s take a look.

1.What should be the budget?

Fixing a budget prior to planning a destination is vital as it helps in deciding whether one should settle for a trip within the country or abroad. It is always practical to choose cost-effective options such as mid-priced hotels, convenient travel options etc., compared to pricier ones.

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Furthermore, one can set an average daily spend, including some additional cash for miscellaneous expenses and then select a package that fits their budget. Here are a few points to note and include in a honeymoon planner:

  • Flight costs (round trip)
  • Accommodation expenses (inclusive of taxes)
  • Costs of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks
  • Expenses related to sightseeing which might not be included in the honeymoon package
    Local conveyance charges
  • Miscellaneous costs such as shopping, gifts, etc.

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2.What are the cheapest honeymoon destinations outside India?

Ideally, couples look for honeymoon ideas that are economical and do not require them to exhaust their savings account. In this regard, they might want to consider some cheap honeymoon destinations outside India. However, while considering the cheap destinations, one must factor in the trip’s overall cost, including flights, visa, food and accommodation costs, and the stay duration.

Here is a list of the cheapest honeymoon destinations outside India:

  1. Sri Lanka (3-night tour package around Rs.20,000)
  2. Philippines (7-day trip package around Rs. 70,000)
  3. Thailand (5-night trip package around Rs. 53,000)
  4. Malaysia (2-night trip package around Rs.25,000)
  5. Indonesia (7-day trip package around Rs.76,000)
  6. Turkey (4-night tour package around Rs. 79,000)
  7. Maldives (5-day tour package around Rs. 65,000)
  8. Singapore (4-night trip package around Rs. 40,000)
  9. Dubai (5 night tour package around Rs.1,10,000)
  10. Greece (6-night tour package around Rs.80,000)

Apart from the listicles mentioned above, to know more about such places you can go through a detailed article on cheap honeymoon destinations outside India. These suggestions might help you narrow down to better choices for the cheapest honeymoon destinations.

3.What kind of atmosphere do you prefer?

Couples might prefer honeymoon destinations that offer privacy or adventurous experiences or a bit of both. While choosing a destination, it is essential to sort out the interests and needs. For instance, individuals enjoying water sports might prefer visiting Andaman or Bali, whereas one who enjoys quality time and privacy can opt for mountains and forests.

Thus, while planning a perfect honeymoon destination couples must choose a place that meets expectations and helps them form travel goals for future trips.

4.What are the best seasons to plan a honeymoon?

Choosing the right budget and destination are not the only things that matter while planning a vacation. Couples can get a superior experience on their honeymoon trip if they know the right season to visit.

Some places are best to visit during summers, while others might be more enjoyable during chilly winters. Thus, one might want to know more about this by following the below-mentioned list of places and when to visit them:

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  • Hawaii- March to July, October and November
  • The Bahamas- November to April
  • Bermuda- May to October
  • Europe- May to September or October
  • Mexico- October to May
  • Bali, Thailand- October to February
  • Fiji, French Polynesia- May to October

5.What should you pack on your honeymoon?

Packing is a very important aspect of any travel plan. Any last-moment mistakes while packing can ruin the entire trip. Therefore, it is practical to make a checklist and stick to it before the start of a journey.

Ideally, one should pack light to avoid the inconvenience of any form. Some of the necessary items to pack are:

  • A small backpack consisting of tickets, passports, visas, identity proofs
  • One should carry all information regarding hotel bookings
  • Essential medicines
  • Mobile charger, power bank, headphones, earphones
  • Light clothes or layers depending on the weather conditions
  • Trekking shoes, flats, flip-flops, sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and umbrella for beach destinations
  • Boots, gloves, earmuffs, warmers for winter travel

6.Which activity do you enjoy the most?

Some couples prefer to relax during their honeymoons, while others prefer hitting the road and getting adventurous throughout the day. Such couples need to plan the activities they want, as some might not be included in their tour packages.

In this regard, they might need to bear additional costs for such activities. However, enlisting the most preferred activities will enable them to set the right budget.

Some of the activities one can do while on their honeymoon are:

  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Birdwatching
  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Zip-lining
  • Cruising
  • Casino

7.What kind of accommodation do you prefer?

By choosing the right kind of accommodation, a couple can get the best honeymoon experience. To ensure one has the perfect stay, it is advisable to do proper research while booking hotels or resorts.
Here are some points to consider while choosing a hotel:

  • Location: It is ideal to opt for hotels in a central location that is near to all the famous attractions.
  • Architecture and decor: Honeymoon stays should be rejuvenating and comfortable. In this aspect, the right kind of decor and architecture adds aesthetic value.
  • Room categories: One should choose a room with a good view irrespective of the destination. Further, couples must ensure the room equips all the essential amenities.
  • Nearby restaurants: A hotel with good access to nearby eateries and food joints is much more desirable than the ones in remote locations. Therefore, it is crucial to check the list of nearby restaurants before booking a hotel.

Apart from this, one can look for other facilities such as a spa, in-house sports, availability of bars and more while booking a hotel.

8.Do you need to insure your travel?

Although everything can go as per the plan, one cannot ignore the unforeseen incidents that can hamper a honeymoon trip. To that end, one must insure their travel and buy travel insurance for additional layers of protection. A well-rounded travel insurance policy comes with a number of lucrative benefits such as:

1.Covers medical costs: Travel insurance covers the cost of medical treatment available from any network hospital. It provides reimbursement up to a certain limit and covers any medical emergencies, including accidents.

2.Provides coverage against travel risks: While travelling abroad, there might be instances when an individual loses his or her passport, misplaces personal belongings or baggage. In such cases, there might be huge financial losses that can spoil one’s trip. However, by possessing travel insurance, one can avoid such losses as it offers compensation.

3.Covers trip disruptions: Honeymoon couples might face certain disruptions that can result in the cancellation of bookings. Generally, travel insurance plans effectively cover the risks arising from cancelled bookings.

4.Offers assistance: Travel insurers offer every kind of assistance during claim filing, finding a network hospital or other emergencies.

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Thus, couples planning a honeymoon vacation can refer to the aforementioned questions and plan accordingly. With a proper plan in place, one can have a thrilling experience in a budget-friendly manner.

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