Places to Visit in Ladakh

So, are you planning to visit Ladakh in 2021? As we know there is no other place like Ladakh in India. Even words can not describe its beauty. So, here are my recommendations for the best places to visit in Ladakh – The heaven of India.

But wait, You must be thinking what is the best time to visit Ladakh?

If you want to visit Ladakh then my recommendations is to make a plan between April to mid-June. Because at this time the temperature is moderate and the weather is good.

List of Top 10 Places to Visit in Ladakh

  1. Lamayuru Town
  2. Hall Of Fame
  3. Alchi
  4. Nubra Valley
  5. Hemis National Park
  6. Kargil
  7. Gol Market
  8. Changthang Wildlife sanctuary
  9. Moonland
  10. Tso Moriri Lake

1. Lamayuru Town

Lamayuru Town is one of the best towns in Ladakh. This town is famous for its Monastery. Here people believe that the land of this town comes from the moon. I must say this is the most beautiful place in Ladakh. Therefore I highly recommend you to visit this town whenever you visit Ladakh.

The best Time to visit Lamayuru Town is in May to September

2. Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame is a museum in Ladakh which is dedicated to Indian Soldiers who lost their lives in the Indo-Pak war. It is one of the best places to visit in Ladakh. You must be happy after visiting this place as it will give you a memory of our brave soldiers and their bravery.

The best time to visit the Hall of Fame is from April to June

3. Alchi

Alchi is a village in Ladakh. It is one of the ancient villages of India. This particular village is famous for its painting and architecture work. Here the people of Alchi village are very kind and helpful If you ever visit Ladakh then this is worth visiting a place as per my recommendations.

The best time to visit Alchi Village is in June to September as when the temperature is moderate

4. Nubra Valley

Nubra valley is one of the best valleys of Ladakh and it is a combination of mountains, rivers, desert, and land. Here we get to see camels and one can enjoy a ride on them. It is a small living town of Nubra with lots of apple trees and decent hotels to stay. Take this place on your list whenever you visit Ladakh as you will love it for sure.

The best time to visit Nubra Valley is from July to September

5. Hemis National Park

It is one of the largest parks in Asia. This is a home for endangered species like leopards, red fox, etc as the government is protecting this place otherwise it will no more exist. You must visit this place which considered the top  5 places to visit in Ladakh many times, So we have also added in our top 10 places to visit in Ladakh list.

The best time to visit Hemis National Park is from June to September

6. Kargil

It is the second largest town in Ladakh and one of the prime places for tourists to visit. This is situated at the bank of the Indus River. For those who love adventures, they must visit this place as you will enjoy it the most in this place in Ladakh.

As per weather, the best time to visit Kargil is from May to July

7. Gol Market

It is one of the famous markets in Ladakh. Here you will get to buy woolen items such as sweaters, caps, etc. If you want to buy for hiking then this is the best place to buy. Here you will get your woolen needs at affordable rates as compared to other places in Ladakh.

You can visit Gol Market anytime you want

8. Changthang Wildlife sanctuary

It is one of the best Wildlife sanctuaries in India. Here you will get to see all the wild animals. It is a beautiful and memorable place and a must-visit place in Ladakh.

The best time to visit this place is from May to September

9. Moonland

It is the most beautiful place in Ladakh to visit. It is referred to as the most hidden place in Ladakh as a major portion of travelers do not know about this place. We recommend that you must visit this land i.e Moonland. It is beautiful as you are 🙂

The best time to visit Moon Land is in April

10. Tso Moriri Lake

It is a lesser-known lake in Ladakh but believes me it is most beautiful as well. It is situated near Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary. We recommend that you must visit this place as it gives you so many memories.

The best time to visit Tso Moriri Lake is from May to August

Are you excited enough to visit Ladakh? I know you are very excited so what are you waiting for? Just buy a flight ticket to Ladakh and pack your bags, sleeves up and be ready to visit the Top 10 Places in Ladakh as per our recommendations, You will love it for sure and that’s our promise 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Tourist Place – Ladakh

Is Ladakh Worth Visiting?

Yes, It is one of the best places to visit in India, especially for those who love adventures and nature. Here you will get to see the real beauty of nature. You will get to try many rides like Horse riding which will boost your experience of Adventure. There are many tourists site here. Some famous ones are Moonland, Kargil, Nubra Valley, Hemish National Park, Hall of Fame, etc

What is the Best time to visit Ladakh?

You can visit Ladakh any time you want, but as per our recommendations you should visit Ladakh in May to July as in this period the temperature is moderate as well as weather and also summer holidays are going on 🙂

Is Ladakh safe for tourists?

Yes, Ladakh is safe for tourists. The people here are very kind and helpful, you will love their company.

Will my Ladakh Trip will get affected after Article 370 scrapped?

No, not at all, the people of Ladakh say that it is safe to visit and no terrorist attack happen since article 370 was scrapped.

What is Famous Places to Visit in Ladakh?

There are so many things famous in this land. Some of them are – To take Breathtaking Landscapes, High Mountain View, Adventure, A peace in heart to see and interact with nature.

Is it good to Visit Ladakh in Winters?

If you are a guy, who loves the winter season, then you are good to go. But take care of yourself as the temperature is very low in winters. Always take Winter clothes with you whenever you visit Ladakh.

What should I take along with me when visiting Ladakh?

You should take warm clothes such as a Jacket, Shoes, a sweater, and other woolen apparel. Because here in Ladakh, the temperature is quite low and you may feel cold in Ladakh.

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